New World Cannibalism

Cannibalism is the act of people eating the flesh of other members of the population, usually in a ceremonial and ritualistic fashion.

This happens all the time in America, but the majority of these cases don’t involve the kind of sensationalistic murder that we see elsewhere. In fact, people get eaten alive by those around them all the time, in business, in academia, in Hollywood, in politics, as well as by the legal, medical, and psychiatric professions and sociologists.  In many ways, the pecking order has been instilled into people as part of the social construct, and in many ways it is just as ceremonial and symbolic when it occurs in the day to day operations that people in this nation have the audacity to call free living.

Those who have created these rituals and ceremonies for their own amusement, and to inculcate evil into society, plan to embed this type of casual cannibalism deeper into the culture, as it is necessary for the totalitarian agenda which they serve. This is why you see it operating on so many different levels and why so many people are quick to excuse what they see by calling it a “dog eat dog world.”

Furthermore, the anti-bullying campaigns being run in schools are simply another reverse psychology attempt to normalize and elevate this behavior in a manipulative fashion, as much as the DARE (Drug Abuse and Resistance Education) Program was meant to open up drug markets in suburbia by using children’s natural curiosity and distrust of blatant lies and propaganda to get people to do the opposite of what they were told.

In addition, you are seeing the emergence and acceptance of the horrific crime known as gang stalking, which completely destroys the lives of individuals who have been targeted by a COINTELPRO style of campaign of personal destruction that uses methods developed under MK-Ultra and perfected on prisoner detainees in Guantanamo and other detainee prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan that are applied to civilians.

Covert and secret cannibalism that people are willing to accept because it is engrained in the culture and sanctioned by the powers that be, the government, and corporate hierarchies are some of the worst methods of cannibalism available. The human garbage that operated under the East German Stasi knew it, just like the Department of Homeland Security bozos understand it today.

It is this form of cannibalism that the controllers of society are counting on using to maintain illegitimate control of the current population that is demanding truth and justice. If they can convince you to instead eat your spouse, family, neighbors, peers, colleagues, and strangers, then they can prevent you from the wholesome celebratory feast that should take place upon the exposure and defeat of the New World Order, which seems to derive much of its power from the fear generated by instituting various forms of cannibalism that in many ways are much uglier than the type of cannibalism that requires the actual consumption of human flesh.

Humans can be an hideous creature. Perhaps the character Ripley said it best in the movie Aliens, when she was discussing a parasitic alien life-form whose behavior was pretty insect-like and stated, “you don’t see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage.” It’s pretty sad when one can compare the behaviors of one of the scariest creatures to ever hit the silver screen to humans, and still make humans looks bad.

As things get progressively worse, there will be people who wonder if the good guys actual won when the Marines in that movie nuked the site from orbit because it was “the only way to be sure.” You can bet that the powers that be are using this type of ambivalence regarding the human species that such cannibalism breeds in order to try to justify a similar solution to deal with what they consider a human infestation. To allow the globalists to win would be the equivalent of Ripley being blown out of the air lock, instead of the queen bee alien, and “one of those things [getting] down here. . .then that will be all.”

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An Age of Treason Versus An Age of Reason

Would you rather live in an age of treason or an age of reason?

For me, the age of treason has not been too beneficial, mainly because I don’t have it in me to turn collaborationist and put myself and my own survival above that of other people, knowing that such activities will have a drastic and lasting effect on others who are being destroyed by the very system that I will have helped promote with such collaborationism.

Therefore, I find that I am the one facing extinction because of those who are willing to take these types of cowardly actions against other citizens, so long as they personally still have a shot at survival. To me, this is wrong. No one should be benefiting from the destruction of a system that promotes justice and freedom, and its replacement with one that requires others to be destroyed in order for this cheap and bastardized imitation to be propped up in order to benefit a select elite.

There is a difference between the self-defense of a nation and the deliberate onslaught of a nation and the perpetual rape of it and its people in order to further such an evil agenda.

Those who are aiding in the destruction of this nation and its foundational ideology don’t understand that the necessity of defending their nation and the rights of others is above one’s own personal survival, and that their individual needs are being manipulated in order to get them to go along with an inferior system that protects them at the expense of the innocent, and that once they have sufficiently destroyed the original system, those who are using the needs of people in order to manipulate them will have no reason to continue doing so.

Therefore, these people are merely delaying their own personal destruction, and ignore the fact that their best chance for self-defense is to protect their nation from the onslaught in which they have been roped into participating.  The best way for people to ensure that their needs will continue to be met and their rights will be recognized is to defend the very system that they are in the process of dismantling.

That bribe money is not going to last forever, but with the continued support and understanding of the People, this nation’s promise of freedom can continue well into the future. It is not a foregone conclusion that we must lose our rights and be doomed to slavery, but it is a foregone conclusion that continued capitulation to the money masters will result in an enormous loss of freedom for humanity well into the future.

In an age of reason, people act reasonably to protect one another because they understand that the loss of rights for another individual equates to the loss of rights for themselves. In an age of reason, even the selfish benefit from the People’s willingness to preserve a system that protects everybody equally, and the People don’t resign themselves to accept that the “law” applies differently to some than it does to others, that capitulation to a system means that they can survive tyranny, while segments of the population are completely demolished by the same tyranny that they ignored and even promoted. That’s what people do in an age of treason.

I would much rather live in an age of reason, than an age of treason.

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Take Your 1913 and Shove It Right Up Your. . .

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of posts claiming that “the show was over in 1913,” that “America was killed then,” and that “it is utterly pointless to resist since we were had in 1913.”

This strikes me as nothing more than demoralizing, propagandistic bullshit that is meant to get people who are living in the here and now, facing the litany of false flags, covert operations, and sophisticated psyops that are being run with the complicity of a corrupted and compromised media, to sit down and let those whom may have began this assault on America in 1913 finish us off.

If it were really true that it was over in 1913, why would there be the need for all the perps, trolls, and shills to try to demoralize our people and convince us that it is useless to resist? There wouldn’t. They would already have installed everything and have the absolute control that they are now driving for. The Constitution would have been a dead letter in 1913. But is is very much alive, although under grave threat.

Given the fact that many Americans have chosen to take to the social media to vent their frustrations with the fucktards who are destroying this nation, whom may have began their subversion in the early 20th century, and whom are now trying to capitalize on this enormous undertaking, I’d say that it is far from over, and that these demoralization attempts are merely a reflection of the doubt and worry that those who sought to conquer the U.S. are feeling, since they have been discovered and largely exposed.

The massive undertaking to clamp down and shut people up in the social media, as per Cass Sunstein’s recommendations, as well as the false flags that are being run to demonize those who are pushing back in the social media, shows how important it is for them to silence their critics.

We are having an effect. They know it, and there is nothing that they would love more than to shut us up by making us think that everything was lost in 1913.

The only ones who are about to lose everything are the shitstains (Sunsteins) and traitors in 2014 who would destroy the promise of freedom in the world and extinguish the human dignity that so many people exemplify through their willingness to continue speaking, despite the risks of being murdered and posthumously smeared, like these sons of bit*hes are known to do.

It isn’t 1913; it is 2014, thank you very much. And I’ll continue to fight for liberty and humanity in the here and now by exercising my First Amendment, even if these dirty cheats and murderers are successful in eliminating it.

If it were 2113, and I were living in a dystopia society were speaking my mind resulted in a death sentence, I’d still be speaking out. I guess I don’t really care what year it is, some ideas transcend time and space; freedom is among those them.

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All Luciferians Are Fake

All Luciferians are fake. For years, we have witnessed them try to conceal themselves by taking on the mantras of egalitarianism, utilitarianism, and humanitarianism, as they have actively pushed policies which have been designed to deprive people of the core essence of their freedom and their humanity, in the name of the greater good, or some other cause that relies on an emotional appeal to affect. They have hidden themselves within the institutions that people relied upon and trusted in order to do the most damage to the concepts that have made our society successful, as they have failed in their duties, all while feigning ignorance after the fact, when their policies inevitably and deliberately lead to misery and disaster.

The Luciferians are so fake they have ripped off ideas and spirituality from those movements that threaten them the most, turned around and perverted those teachings into something else entirely, then repackaged and sold them to a public that they wish to lead astray because they realize that their time is running short, as their masks are falling off.

Furthermore, this effort to build themselves up into that which they are not is reliant upon serious disinformation as well as heavily funded and continuous propaganda that is targeted to draw as many people into their lifestyle, so that when the masks come off, they will have less of a battle with those who did not buy into their fraudulent trappings and can see them for what they happen to be.

Today, they realize that the paradigm is shifting. Therefore, they are trying to co-opt the movement against the old guard by replacing it with a new guard of false prophets and people who claim to have the insights into how the old system was running, so that they will give their trust to the people whom they have strategically placed into positions that can be exploited to ensure that the power and the control never really changes hands, and that those who were duped before will be duped again by its replacement.

They rely upon censorship while stealing other people’s ideas in order to make themselves appear more credible. If the people whom they are trying to repackage and sell a false message to were to actually hear from those that they have ripped off and stolen from in order to make themselves more believable, then the public would abandon these phoneys and gravitate towards those who are speaking actual truth, without the hateful intent that they possess. They oppress that which they cannot control because they are cowardly and cannot afford to allow themselves to truly compete because they are so fake.

Finally, it is they who are the false teachers and the false prophets. They simply want to pervert your soul, so you’ll remain beholden to them as the finish making mince-meat of the human race. They are so fake that they only resemble human kind, for humanity has a soul which they have renounced and which they are in the process of attacking. There is nothing more fake than a Luciferian who mimics those they want to destroy in order to further their plan to destroy them.

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You Can’t Fight Corruption With a Heart Full of Evil

Which is More Important to Fight Against Evil, Internal Conflict or External Oppression?

If you are concerned about being oppressed, then you are a threat to those who oppress, and you have the potential to free others who are being oppressed, as well as those who don’t concern themselves with how they are being oppressed because they have yet to feel their oppression.

Oppression is defined by as “the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.” It is not unjust, burdensome, cruel, or an unwarranted exercise of power or authority to use one’s mind in order to understand an existential threat and seek to remedy that threat. Concerning yourself with such external threats that do meet the above definition are one’s best chance to remedy the problem and eliminate the source of oppression.

However, oppression is also defined by as “the feeling of being heavily burdened, mentally or physically, by troubles, adverse conditions, anxiety.” Therefore, it may be true that concerning one’s self with oppression might heavily weigh upon someone mentally with troubles, adverse conditions, anxiety, and the like, but if this is driven by an external factor that is causing that person’s oppression, then it can hardly be said that that oppression originates from one’s self. These feelings would thus be derived from the nature of the circumstances and the result of external oppression.

Self-control is a powerful form of regulation, which can be effective in controlling and mitigating the damage that is caused by external oppression and the burdensome feelings that are generated as a result. However, slavery, tyranny, and violence are also powerful forms of control as well, which result from the lack of other people to maintain self-control.  Therefore, you can be in full control of your own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, but be met by those who do not have this same ability to self-regulate. Those who are out of control will seek to impose their will on you.

In the material realm, self-control might not do you a bit of good when met by the violence and force of those who seek to end you, but your understanding of self, desire to overcome oppression, and unwillingness to compromise with these enemies will give you a spiritual victory that such cretins will never understand of experience. Thus, you may lose in the material world, but win the mental and spiritual victory. Therefore, self-control is more powerful than oppression.

However, the only way to win this sort of victory is to concern one’s self with oppression and seek to defeat it on the material and the spiritual level. Not understanding the enemy means that you risk losing the internal battle for self-control and goodness, thereby giving your oppressors inroads to affect your own defeat. Hence, it is by not understanding oppression and concerning yourself with such things that one has the greatest chances of oppressing one’s self.  There is no greater oppressor than ignorance, which is why the oppressors are trying to deliberately dumb down the population.

An oppressor does not have to know everything that you think, all of the time, in order to oppress you. They just have to know enough about the target of their oppression to do significant enough damage to achieve the upper hand.

It may be true that the most important battle one faces is the internal battle between good and evil, which every person must fight, and losing it means a complete loss and giving one’s self over to the ultimate oppressor. That is why much of the external threat of oppression is designed to get a person to lose that internal battle, which is very much the reason that people should seek to understand those who seek to oppress them.  If one does not understand the enemy and how they seek to undermine you spiritually through their oppression, the chances are you will lose both the external fight and your all important internal conflict, thereby increasing the overall evil that exists in the world.

The need to understand oppression and external threats to one’s spiritual, moral, and physical existence is every bit as important to winning the larger moral and spiritual battle within one’s self. The fight between that which is good and that which is evil depends upon it, and this exists as the reason why the oppressor tries to use phoney philosophical arguments to divert a person’s attention only toward the internal battle for the self, wrapping a person in on one’s self, and increasing their chances of counting coup on another soul.

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Sometimes There Are Enemies Greater Than One’s Self

Often we hear the saying that you are your own worst enemy, or that there is no greater enemy than ourselves. This idea is based upon an old Chinese wisdom and can be true in some cases, whereby people’s own doubt, lack of understanding of themselves, and unwillingness to engage in introspection makes them vulnerable to their own self-sabotage. Truly, if one does not know one’s self, then they are in effect their own worst enemy when engaging in the battlefield of life.

Sun Tzu stated: “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

So we can see that knowledge of one’s self and one’s enemy is crucial to waging battle and winning. However, what we see in the propaganda field, concerning this statement, is the desire by those who are manipulating the public’s consciousness to mire people down and prevent them from understanding their enemy, the people responsible for these manipulations, to use an old piece of wisdom as a weapon to achieve the exact opposite of what the original wisdom intended.

This is not put out there and used against the population because those who are using it would actually like people whom they are attacking to understand themselves and apply that deeper knowledge to fighting back in meaningful ways.

No, it is being used as a tool, camouflage, and a fog for the warfare that is being fought. Those who are coming under attack by their enemy, and happen to be looking around and developing an understanding of that enemy, are being told by them that they are responsible for their own plight, that they are their own worst enemy. Thus, we can see that it is really now employed as a psychological tactic by which to blame the victim of an attack, further demoralize them, and a source of confusion as to the origination of the attack. Those who use it would like for the people whom they attack to spin their wheels trying to understand how they failed, instead of understanding their enemies and finding ways to succeed.

Clearly, the manipulators don’t really want the person to develop an understanding of one’s self. This is simply used to confuse the person as to the source of the problem, while actually undermining a person’s understanding of self, for if an attack originates elsewhere, but the victim is told that the effect of that attack is themselves, this will surely challenge the faith that the person had in him or herself, leaving them with a decrease lack of understanding of self. It will send them reeling looking inward, instead of outward toward their enemies. Thus, a critical element to success will not be achieved, which is an understanding of the enemy.

Therefore, what we are seeing with its repeated use is an attempt to both confuse a person with respect to their knowledge of self as well as to prevent them from developing an understanding of the enemy, which Sun Tzu stated is a recipe for disaster. Sun Tzu clearly understood that perpetual self-doubt as well as ignorance of the enemy would imperil those who suffered from this problem. The master manipulators and tyrants understand this concept as well and are using it to their own advantage, because they understand the nature of their own evil and the desire of those that they attack to be the best people that they can possibly be. Blaming their victims for the effects of their attacks on humanity is very logical from their perspective.

The thing for a person to do is to understand the nature of this war, come to grips with the fact that they are under attack by the enemies of humanity, develop the best understanding of that enemy possible, continually seek to improve upon themselves and those around them, and not allow for those who would use these psychological ploys to damage their chances for success and get away with such sneaky and underhanded tactics, nor the perversion of such wisdom.

Sometimes there are enemies greater than one’s self, and that enemy wants you to believe that you are your own worst enemy.

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Don’t Be a Traitor to the Internet

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

There is so much wrapped up in this Amendment, but really it can all be boiled down to the simple idea that government is prohibited from trying to own the contents of the minds of citizens, to impose worldviews upon them, to interfere with the development of the thoughts of the very People that it is supposed to serve.

In it, is implied a certain feedback loop, whereby the ability of people to think, worship, read, write, and share ideas will generate a citizenry that is educated, vigilant, and will be able to appropriately respond to the inevitable corruption of government, which no doubt always degenerates to the point where those who have acquired power seek to abuse that power to grant themselves that which goes beyond what is contained in the documents that limit their power.

Thus, the First Amendment was designed to act as a sort of perpetual self-destruct mechanism by which the People’s responses and reactions to the natural leanings of tyrants, who seek positions of power in government, will make it more likely that such evil men will fail.

What we see today, on the internet, is a reflection of the health of the republic and the design of the First Amendment operating as intended.  This happens to have the very unfortunate side effect (from the perspective of type of people who have managed to acquire power today) of eliminating people’s respect and willingness to go along with those who would bend the language and pervert such a grand design in order to prevent the natural purge that the exercise of this very valuable right will have upon them, because of their willingness to betray the public’s trust.

In the real world, The Free Exercise Clause has been used to install clergy response units into the churches to make sure that religious people are more likely to go along with the unconstitutional dictates of an illegitimate government, perverting religions to the benefit of government.  In the virtual world, we see a desire to shut down the unapproved religious teachings of those whom are not manipulated by these clergy response teams.

Much of the desire to regulate the internet probably comes from the fact that these unapproved teachings have a way of inspiring and directly challenging the effect that years of indoctrination and billions of dollars of funding of secularized institutions and the establishment has had on the majority of people. It impedes the agenda of those who have been working to eliminate God from the public square despite the promise of free worship that the First Amendment offers.

The Anti-establishment Clause is being used to ram a Luciferian worldview down the throats of the people, in direct violation of the letter of the law. This is done by pretending that government is merely the protector of what they say is other people’s right to exist without being offended by the worldviews and religious teachings of others, which is found nowhere in the Constitution. They are in the process of establishing a religion by where there is no religion and the state dictates all, and if they do allow churches to co-exist with government, then religious groups will be heavily infiltrated and sure to be speaking only those views that are acceptable to the orthodox state religion (so long as it doesn’t threaten the party or its leadership).

We see similar activities online, as some people feign offense any time there is merely a mention of the world God, or some other unapproved type of thinking, while they quickly flag the content of someone who expresses views which have not been approved for public consumption by the standard state orthodoxy.  The state would be quite content will a complete absence of anything spiritual, as spirituality directly threatens the terror of the material, which is so often used to coerce and manipulate the subjects of the government’s rule.

The funding and activation of so many hardline government perps, trolls, and shills, as well as their cooperation with the site ownership, under some sort of material threat, is an abridgment of free speech and a direct interference with the right of the People to enjoy this most basic of rights. The existence of such people and systems are a precursor to the all out censorship that is being developed, as these people are already the eyes and ears of the state, making sure that state orthodoxy is not challenged by basically sanitizing some people from view and neutering a person mentally for daring to question any degree of government fraudulence.

Nearly all of the government’s activities online are an abridgment of the press, the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and has stark implications on the ability of citizens to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Any internet user who advocates for government control over the internet, the disappearance of online anonymity, behavior health units knocking on internet users doors, or any other rubbish that some people within government have deliberately caused people to commit violent acts in order to shamelessly promote in order to crack down on this fundamental right, which happens to be getting in the way of their power grab as it is intended, is nothing more than a traitor to the internet, the rights of human beings, and if they happen to be an American, the nation that defined free speech.

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Boko Haram: A Convenient Excuse To Depopulate Via Drone Strike?

Here is a hypothetical. What if all the hubbub and outrage over Boko Haram and their recent alleged activities were part of an operation that was either designed, or is being used, to vilify this particular group of terrorists in order to blame them for attacks that are being launched via drone strike against the true intended targets of the operation, the Christian groups that Boko Haram has also been terrorizing?

Wouldn’t publicizing such an event and cementing the fact that this group has been attacking a certain segment of the population provide excellent cover for such operations, because anytime a strike is launched to depopulate the target group of people that the scapegoats for such operations are also targeting can simply be blamed on these scapegoats? Wouldn’t it be easy to start killing people indiscriminately in the area and blame any bomb blast on Boko Haram, even though there may be more advanced capabilities deployed against the same people that Boko Haram has been attacking?

“And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.” Revelation 17:6 KJV

What if the drone pilots actually were told that they were targeting Boko Haram, but they were actually being directed to target the same people that Boko Haram has been attacking?

What if this were all just a part of a depopulation plan that operates under the guise of a counter-terrorism operation?

Don’t get me wrong. Boko Haram are dirt bags.  However, I guess I am just a little concerned that someone might be exploiting the situation in Nigeria and that not all the killing in region is really attributable to Boko Haram. I have been more than a little concerned that perhaps the U.S. government might be lying to me again in order to get me to look the other way while hellfire missiles reign down on the people whom we are supposed to be “helping.”

Aren’t Christians being murdered in many of the areas in which the United States has helped “liberate,” is in the process of “liberating,” or has immediate plans to “liberate”? Aren’t Christians the ones who are turning up dead in Nigeria? Has there been an increase in the number of Christians killed since drones were deployed?

Does anyone believe a word that comes out any of an Obama? Unfortunately, yes they do, or at least they pretend to out of fear. It’s very disturbing to live under a scientific tyranny that masquerades as a democratic republic, while claiming to be spreading its virtues around the world. These people invert nearly everything. Therefore, it makes sense that they would be droning the people they claim to be helping.

In conclusion, I would also encourage people to read the following “incisive article by Nile Bowie was first publish two years ago by GR in April 2012 sheds light on recent events.”

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When I Was a Child. . .

. . .I could see the agenda and where the future was heading. It’s amazing to me that many grown ups today still can’t see it, even when it is staring them right in the face. I think many people can, but have chosen to try to compromise with evil and capitalize off of a very dangerous situation, which such people’s cowardice has helped to create. To me, it is inexcusable for people to continue to stick their heads in the sand and pretend not to notice the rampant treason and open warfare against their nation.  It’s a national disgrace.
Whether the ignorance is willful or bona fide depends on each individual and their level of knowledge and sophistication. However, I would argue that things are so blatantly obvious at this point in time that even the most unsophisticated and uneducated must be suffering from some degree of willful ignorance, but the most inexcusable is the fake ignorance exhibited by all those people in positions of power and authority who are knowledgeable, yet complicit in their silence. The most criminal are those people who are perpetrating most of the crimes out of greed and a lust for power.
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The Fox Network Marked A Significant Decline in The Morality of America

Last night, I was sitting on the couch reading with the television on in the background for ambient noise and lighting. Low and behold, an episode of Married With Children came on at about 3:00 AM.


It occurred to me that the rise of the Fox Network marked a significant decline in the moral health of the United States. Was it a product of the time or did it help foster our decline? I think it was a bit of both.

Obviously, the public was accepting of shows like Married With Children because they deviated from the standard template that depicted the American family in an unrealistic way. However, the show was so blatantly immoral that I think it also helped to normalize the view that the family is an insignificant and damaging factor in a person’s life and has thus contributed to its decline. I think that was largely the point, and it is why the show was promoted and made into the pop cultural phenomenon that it became.

Interestingly, the show touched upon many aspects that were essential to the globalist agenda at that point in time, modern feminism, political correctness, rampant materialism, deindustrialization, and the like. However, I think that the joking way that these issues were presented actually helped to soften the blow of the reality that existed at that time and made people think of these issues through a comical lens that benefited the powers that were advancing them.

Therefore, I think that it is fair to say that the satire that was involved was a way for art to imitate life to a certain degree, but also present was the show’s usefulness as a propaganda tool to drive life closer to the dark cynical view presented by the show.

I noticed that Married With Children was not a show that has held up well to the test of time. Perhaps it is because of how the seemingly benign social problems that it made fun of have now metastasized into a sinister disease that is threatening to choke the life out of the United States.

Philosophy and the Social Problem

Now days, almost every show exists at a morality that is equal to or less than that of Married With Children, sex is pushed openly during prime time, children’s shows do not exhibit strong moral lessons, and the amoral anti-hero has risen as the new character of interest for the American public to watch. All of this, taken in conjunction with the plethora of shows that glorify the police state or make perping and snitch-like behavior seem cool and trendy spells disaster, I dare say.

The only solution is to turn off the damn T.V. and start engaging politically on the local, state, and federal level, making it clear to those who have put themselves out front as the mouthpieces for globalists that we, the People, know that we have been had; we are not happy about it; and we demand justice for the social engineering that shows like Married With Children helped to foster.

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