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When I Was a Child. . .

. . .I could see the agenda and where the future was heading. It’s amazing to me that many grown ups today still can’t see it, even when it is staring them right in the face. I think many people can, but have chosen to try to compromise with evil and capitalize off of a very dangerous situation, which such people’s cowardice has helped to create. To me, it is inexcusable for people to continue to stick their heads in the sand and pretend not to notice the rampant treason and open warfare against their nation.  It’s a national disgrace.
Whether the ignorance is willful or bona fide depends on each individual and their level of knowledge and sophistication. However, I would argue that things are so blatantly obvious at this point in time that even the most unsophisticated and uneducated must be suffering from some degree of willful ignorance, but the most inexcusable is the fake ignorance exhibited by all those people in positions of power and authority who are knowledgeable, yet complicit in their silence. The most criminal are those people who are perpetrating most of the crimes out of greed and a lust for power.
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The Fox Network Marked A Significant Decline in The Morality of America

Last night, I was sitting on the couch reading with the television on in the background for ambient noise and lighting. Low and behold, an episode of Married With Children came on at about 3:00 AM.


It occurred to me that the rise of the Fox Network marked a significant decline in the moral health of the United States. Was it a product of the time or did it help foster our decline? I think it was a bit of both.

Obviously, the public was accepting of shows like Married With Children because they deviated from the standard template that depicted the American family in an unrealistic way. However, the show was so blatantly immoral that I think it also helped to normalize the view that the family is an insignificant and damaging factor in a person’s life and has thus contributed to its decline. I think that was largely the point, and it is why the show was promoted and made into the pop cultural phenomenon that it became.

Interestingly, the show touched upon many aspects that were essential to the globalist agenda at that point in time, modern feminism, political correctness, rampant materialism, deindustrialization, and the like. However, I think that the joking way that these issues were presented actually helped to soften the blow of the reality that existed at that time and made people think of these issues through a comical lens that benefited the powers that were advancing them.

Therefore, I think that it is fair to say that the satire that was involved was a way for art to imitate life to a certain degree, but also present was the show’s usefulness as a propaganda tool to drive life closer to the dark cynical view presented by the show.

I noticed that Married With Children was not a show that has held up well to the test of time. Perhaps it is because of how the seemingly benign social problems that it made fun of have now metastasized into a sinister disease that is threatening to choke the life out of the United States.

Philosophy and the Social Problem

Now days, almost every show exists at a morality that is equal to or less than that of Married With Children, sex is pushed openly during prime time, children’s shows do not exhibit strong moral lessons, and the amoral anti-hero has risen as the new character of interest for the American public to watch. All of this, taken in conjunction with the plethora of shows that glorify the police state or make perping and snitch-like behavior seem cool and trendy spells disaster, I dare say.

The only solution is to turn off the damn T.V. and start engaging politically on the local, state, and federal level, making it clear to those who have put themselves out front as the mouthpieces for globalists that we, the People, know that we have been had; we are not happy about it; and we demand justice for the social engineering that shows like Married With Children helped to foster.

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Curse on Those Who Engage in Black Magick

“Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.” Matthew 6:9-13 KJV.

This, the Lord’s Prayer, acts as a curse to any who defy God and work to do harm against his people, for it envisages the destruction of evil and the deliverance of those who choose to follow Christ. It calls upon the highest magick of all, the will of God, in order to bring about a day where evil will be vanquished and those who hunger after truth and justice will be satisfied.

Clearly, it shows that temptation is a weakness for those who call upon God, for it is the weakness of temptation that those who have rejected God have given themselves over to, and exists as the source of their evil and their willingness to partake in it. Therefore, it contemplates that by succumbing to temptation God’s people make themselves vulnerable, whereas rising above that temptation makes them strong.

God’s people are being tested now and must learn to abandon that which is of this earth to attain the highest spiritual strength possible. God’s kingdom here on earth has little room for those who would succumb and resign themselves to a life that is fulfilled by evil works.

Daily bread represents a continuing connection with God the almighty and the right and ability to call upon him for help and guidance in a world that is teeming with evil. Those still connected to the Holy Spirit can get their daily bread, and it will help them in their fight against those who seek man’s downfall. Obviously, the call for God’s kingdom on earth means that this connection and those who have it will be fulfilled in their duty to do what is right and to share in the wealth of the spirit, to help others tap into this connection and satiate their hunger for truth and justice as well.

As this connectivity spreads, the strength of God’s people will increase to a critical mass, whereby evil’s back is against the wall. Those who are attempting to starve others of their daily bread, will have to either choose to willingly partake of God’s word and welcome the Holy Spirit or choose to perish and reap what they have sown.

One difference between a Luciferian and a Christian is that the Luciferian would seek to force you to rebuke this daily bread, starving you of it, as they secretly and knowingly kill you, while Christians offer to teach and help sustain others on this bread, as they openly profess their wish that everybody get to enjoy eternal life. One is the way of lies, secrets, and death, while the other is the way of truth, transparency, and life. In my view, the latter way is superior and consists of the highest form of magick..

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The State of Psychiatry As An Indicator For Totalitarianism

I am sure the behavioral health assessment teams and New Age Nazis of our time are already all over the internet trying to identify “threatening” people. No doubt, they are focusing a significant amount of their resources toward people who frequent “conspiracy” oriented sites, discussion groups, and news outlets.

If you are a freethinking individual with the capacity to see through the layers upon layers of bullshit and the myriad of lies that the powers that be hide behind to maintain their power, the sad fact is that it will not matter if it is a true statement to say that one is “mentally ill,” nor do those responsible really care about the traditional notions of proof, because it has become a matter for the subjectivity of one of their charlatans and “experts.” Knowing this about their nature makes a person a direct threat to such a system, which is just one reason why they are willing to fraudulently commit people in order to control them.

Expect this problem to get much worse, unless and until something is done to reign in the abuse of power in this nation.

The psychiatric police state is the real threat, suffered by people living under totalitarianism. All one has to do to decide whether or not this threat exists in their own society is to look around and objectively determine whether the society that they are living in has totalitarian characteristics. If it does, then the likelihood is that the psychiatric community is an extension and expression of this system and has little, if anything, to do with actually helping people deal with the problems of mental health.

Signs of a marriage between the psychiatric and the legal systems makes things even more clear. When a society weds these two systems together and there are indications of significant corruption in both, then that is a definite indicator something is wrong, and can be used as proof that one is now living in a totalitarian nation that employs psychiatry as a weapon in the police state structure.

This is the tool that they will effectively use to purge the government of freethinking people that might develop the scruples to blow the whistle and challenge the ones who are actually pulling everyone into the collective insanity that we so often see under totalitarianism.  These methods can and should be rejected by people who wish to remain free, by providing some push back and understanding of how this system is developing in order to bypass the traditional legal notions of due process and the admonition that we have for thought crimes.

The current state of psychiatry and our society is entirely unacceptable for anyone who wishes to remain free.

Are You a Part of the Sixth Column? If So What Kind of Sixth Columnist Are You?

The term sixth column has to different, diametrically opposed definitions. The definition for the sixth column includes:

“1: the aggregate of persons in a country at war who assist the subversive activities of the fifth column by defeatist talk, the spreading of rumors, and other activities that weaken resistance or appease the enemy
2: a group organized to combat the fifth column”

As you can see if describes two different types of people.

On one hand, it can be used to describe the traitors that many people have come to know as government trolls and shills, as their activity is designed to aid the subversive activities of the scum who have declared war against the United States, its institutions, and its foundational ideology, in favor of what they think is globalist supremacy.  Basically, sixth columnists of this type represent the information warfare or psychological warfare arm of an enemy that is actively subverting a nation.

On the other hand, it can be used to describe those people who fight being under occupation, or under the threat of occupation, by forces that are dependent upon the help of the Quislings and Benedict Arnolds who sell their nation out in order to help an enemy subvert it and declare war on their fellow citizens, for the sake of their own survival, or because of their fanatical views and ideological sympathies to such an enemy.

We can see two types of people being developed today, sixth columnist of two different varieties who are in opposition to one another. Those traitors who wish to support the occupation and help rip this nation asunder because they have been so brainwashed by the fifth columnists who took over the education system, the media, and the political system are the first variety, while the patriots and citizens who respect the foundational ideology of the United States represent the second variety.

All those who are operating media, channels on Youtube, or who are otherwise engaged in the information war that is ongoing for the heart and minds of the larger population must now ask this; “what kind of sixth columnist are you?” Clearly, the reason for the information warfare and propaganda of the enemy is two-fold; (1) to get you to join the treasonous sixth column, or (2) at least convince you that someone else is looking out for your interests while they finish putting their pieces on the board.  It is the job of true Americans and people who do not wish to become a 5th or 6th columnist of the treasonous variety to stand up and counteract their messages and do everything in their power to stop this assault on our nation.

I know which kind of sixth columnist I am, as I have absolutely no tolerance and respect for treason and the cowardice that enables it. What kind of sixth columnists do you want to be? Are you an brave and decent American or just a pathetic piece of garbage who sells out their nation and joins the chorus of paid government shills and psyops agents wishing to bury you and your nation?

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Concentrically Shrinking Spoken Word

Tonight, I was speaking to a person whom I didn’t know over the phone, because someone that I do know put me on the line with them.  I explained a little bit about my situation, and the person with whom I was speaking said that he was familiar with some of my work.  He then started to direct the conversation onto a path whereby he was justifying a position where he seemed to be taking the stance that it isn’t worth spending the time trying to convince people about what’s wrong with the system, and that people who aren’t aware are willfully ignorant, so it is not worth the risk to try to help people who are buying into the overabundant lies and distortions that are fed to them.

I stated that at that point it is no longer about warning other people about the danger they are in or trying to explain the risk to them.  It is about the fact that your personal rights are being trampled and that you have to even worry about the dangers associated with engaging in discourse with other people, that this is a slippery slope which leads to exactly what we have today, which is fewer people who are willing to engage in discourse on any level that will educate and enlighten others, and that eventually other, less problematic, types of speech will be targeted.

When the power structure has progressed to a point where any legitimate speech can be targeted, what’s to stop those who are limiting one type of speech from targeting other modes of speech, like speaking about the weather, saying hello to your neighbor, or spreading gossip, you know, the types of speech that most of the idiots who the person that I was speaking to feels are unworthy of the risk?

Personally, I do not like to see the spheres of acceptable speech shrink concentrically, even if it hasn’t yet touched upon the type of speech which I like to participate in at that time, because it will only be a matter of time.

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What Does Pornography and the Truth Have In Common?


In Jacobellis v. Ohio, 378 U.S. 184 (1964), the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the decision by the Ohio State Supreme Court to uphold the conviction of a manager of a motion picture theater who was convicted under a state obscenity law of possessing and exhibiting an allegedly obscene film.  They held that Ohio could not, consistent with the First Amendment, ban the showing of a French film called The Lovers (Les Amants) under state obscenity laws.

Although the Court held that the movie could not be banned by the obscenity exception to the First Amendment, the court was at a loss to decide on any one rationale as to why.  There were four different opinions given by the majority, and it wasn’t until Miller v. California, 413 U.S. 15 (1973), that the Court would redefine its definition of obscenity under the three-prong Miller test.  The Jacobellis case is noteworthy because a famous quote came out of it from one of the justices who issued a concurring opinion.


Justice Potter Stewart’s concurrence held that the Constitution protected all obscenity except “hard-core pornography.”  Stewart wrote, “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so.  But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that.”

“I know it when I see it.”  That seems rather arbitrary; doesn’t it?  It almost makes one wonder if the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court would have to be the final arbiters of anything claimed to be hardcore pornographic and obscene.  How would people know what to expect and where the line should be drawn?

Obscenity I know it when I see it

It neither smacks of the kind of black and white bright line demarcation that one would except from a conservative legal mind, nor does it apply the flexible leeway present in a multi-factor test to allow liberal activist judges to take liberty and cover themselves when they make arbitrary decisions.  Instead, it is completely arbitrary and interested parties would just have to try to put themselves in the mind of Justice Stewart and imagine what he would perceive.  It’s no wonder that the issue would come up again and the court would later adopt a factor test that could be applied, while leaving some wiggle room for those who would seek to limit speech under obscenity laws.


I found all of this interesting, but really something hit me when I was reading a quote from former CIA director Casey, who said “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”  What struck me is that hardcore pornography and obscenity have something in common with the truth, besides being a type of speech that some people wish to regulate and stamp out of existence.

The truth has a certain ring to it.  Justice Potter Stewart could have been talking about the truth when he said “I know it when I see it,” but instead he was speaking about pornography.


Could it be that that type of speech which is the most reviled by society has the greatest ability to smack a person in the face and be instantly recognizable for what it is, whether that type of speech is vile and reprehensible because it is utterly obscene, or whether that speech is pure and admirable because it is utterly true?  Do the two types of speech which appear on opposite ends of the spectrum have something in common, and is it that commonality that causes people to want to shut it down?


Is our society only comfortable living under a regimen of speech that exists as sort of a grey area where nothing is true, nothing offends, everything is safe, and there can be no controversy one way or another because we have effectively limited speech only to those areas where we do not fully understand what it is we are looking at, because it doesn’t smack us in the face as either totally reprehensible and lewd, or completely honest and pure?  Isn’t that the real obscenity that should be feared by a society that seeks to promote the highest and noblest aspirations of social organization with a system of government that is supposed to protect the freedom of citizens and the rights of individuals?

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The Cable News Has Been Trolled and Shilled to Death

The cable news has been trolled and shilled to death, to the point that it is no longer worth watching.  People tend to focus on the alternative media when dealing with trolls and shills.  However, a very real example of its intended effect can be viewed by flipping through the 3 or 4 cable news channels that exist.

Thursday AC360 03292012 - end

Where I live, we used to get CSPAN, but even it has been removed from the basic cable package, which is merely symptomatic of the power elite’s desire to keep the population misinformed.

Those behind this would like to carry out everything behind the veil and under the cover of darkness.  Therefore, they have worked very hard to create an out of touch irrelevant media, every channel following their specific DOD directives, while preparations to collapse the current system and destabilization efforts take place right under the noses of a public that has been worn down by constant psychological operations and information warfare.  Those who appear to be the most well-adjusted are the ones who don’t pay attention and instead look for entertainment as our nation is turned to a totalitarian nightmare.


Various levels of information exist.  The plan is to get people to feel comfortable with whatever level of information that they expose themselves to, while those who look deep are attacked viciously in order to minimize the cross-contamination of ideas into the lower forms of media, like the cable news networks, which has become eerily similar to the local news programming we have been watching for years.

Infotainment is the order of the day, whether it be “conspiracy theory” broadcasters or the cable news channels who have taken to hiring big-breasted blond women to read from the teleprompter and deliver the state approved “news” to a public that doesn’t seem to care about the state of their country, let alone the information field, prompting someone I told this to compare the newsroom to a whorehouse.

When I watch news, I want someone who is not compromised and willing to say whatever they are told to say as part of an intricate web of information control and public manipulation.  It doesn’t matter what the people look like (however blond bimbos might distract), so long as they are delivering hard news, something that is a thing of the past, and I’m not sure we have ever had it here in the United States.  I think that media has been controlled or influenced from the beginning, at least television news appears to have been, and the disease that existed in that media has crept into all other forms of media, sometimes even making them more corrupt that television news.

The media is definitely being wasted and could do a lot more to actually inform people.  The fact that it isn’t goes to show you something about what the agenda is, especially when taken in context with so many other aspects of today’s society.  Humanity is under assault, and the areas that people look to for answers is often being used to assault them the most.


There is a local television station that is up for sale in my area. I wish I had the money to buy it, because I would forever change the face of media starting with that one station.  Actually, they’d probably hasten my departure from the planet for trying, but I think I’d still change the face of media.  I’d definitely bring back the concept of investigative journalism in local media.

Some suggest that the best skill today is to remain quiet and learn everything possible about the current system, but where the hell is a person’s skills, learning, and remaining quiet going to get them in a world where this agenda succeeds?  A person won’t be able to ever vocalize what it is he or she has learned or tell the truth, because the controllers will have truth and knowledge detectors out on the streets able to pick up the faintest indication of either, and then put someone who speaks with them under the microscope and delivered up for daring to think outside of the established norm.  If they have their way, there will be no way anyone would ever be capable of doing either.

Big Brother

No, the time to think, speak, and act is now. Humanity’s back is against the wall, and if it wishes to survive people had better start taking this war against them seriously and fighting back legally with the rights that they have left.  I am willing to make a stand, but have been so harassed that I could use some help doing it.  As it stands, I am dead in the water.  I’d hate to think that everything I have done to promote truth and knowledge was in vain.  I guess time will tell.
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I, Human, The Original A.I.

In this fast paced world, which is being increasingly defined by predictive models and computer algorithms that have supposedly been put into place in order to make life safer and simpler, there is often talk about the concept of A.I. or artificial intelligence.

Clearly, some view it as a superior and god-like omniscience that will be able to connect the dots before the dots have even come into existence, to predict the future.  However, it really is a fake and artificial mind that is able to analyze complex sets of data and use decision trees to determine some course of action.  Why would this be necessary when each and every one of us has the original version of the mind at our disposal?


I am the original A.I., for I possess authentic intelligence that has been ordained by God.  Therefore, I reject this suicidal effort to know everything for the sake of personal convenience and to maintain current illusions of power, and I make a personal decision to pay tribute to what I was given, by using my mind to connect my own dots and make judgements about the courses of action that we can take and what kind of a future that might manifest as a result.  Doing so has led me to the conclusion that creating artificial intelligence is a fool’s game that flies in the face of that which endowed me with a mind and my natural and authentic intelligence.  I predict that if we continue on this path then the future will increasingly resemble Hell.


Some suggest that the human mind works very slow compared to an artificial intelligence, suffers from fatigue, and is known to make mistakes.  Therefore, some are prone to suggest that we should hand certain decision making over to an artificial mind.  A potential downside that these people see is the problems associated with human laziness, our predisposition to rely upon the solutions presented without bothering to double-check what is being presented and cross-check it with the human ethos.

Perhaps there is a reason for the built in delays in the human mind and the need for rest.  Maybe part of the reason that we humans are designed this way so that the ethereal realm can have some interplay with our decision making processes, so that the very problem associated with relying upon pure logic alone, which are associated with handing over decision making to an artificial mind won’t manifest itself in the current reality.  Is it possible that this technological drive we are witnessing has allowed for us to bypass this design feature in such a way to create the very problems in our present reality that this characteristic of ours was meant to prevent, and things are picking up an an alarming rate, to the point at which the human consciousness is having a hard time keeping up and is becoming overwhelmed?  How many of our current problems are the result of already handing decision making over to machines, or at the very least, our reliance upon them, to such a high degree.

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Has the “Late Man” Become the “Straight Man”?

Has the “Late Man” Become the “Straight Man”?

One thing that I know is that your heart has to be in something in order for you to be successful at what you are doing. I am not sure that my heart is in communicating with others anymore, since everything that I have done to try to talk with people on the internet seems to get stymied by those who do not like what it is that I have to say about the world in which we are living.

Therefore, it is easy to understand the reason that I titled my blog “I Talk to the Web.” My blog title is really nothing more than a homage to the King Crimson song “I Talk to the Wind,” because my efforts and my feelings with respect to attempting to pour my heart into the work that I do in order to interpret the world and share what it is I see with people seems to mirror the sentiments that that song captures. Thus, you might say that I contain my very own “straight man” and my very own “late man,” which has allowed me to develop an understanding of the world that others happen to be arriving at rather late in the game.

Much of my understanding of the world was developed as a child, although since I was a child I have moved back and forth from between this dual nature within myself, from feeling, to thinking, and back again, while learning much and adding to my innate impression of reality.  Often, it seems as if I am talking to the wind, as I speak to the world sometimes as its “straight man” and other times as its “late man.”  Passing on the wisdom derived from this balance will ensure the success of our children and future generations.

Speaking of children, that really brings me to the message that I would like to impart to the world through my actions and my body of work. People should work to see the world through the eyes of a child. By tuning into how this world looks to those who are innocent and are staring at this mess that we have created in our rush to destroy our own innocence, I believe that we can see exactly where it is we are failing as humans, and develop a better understanding of what it is we can do to make this world safer for the best people among us to once again play, without the level of danger or fear that we have allowed those who rule us to create in their greed and lust for power.

The most despicable and evil people among us have made this world unfit for the best and most deserving people who are either children or have been successful in retaining their purest qualities. To me, this is a problem. Therefore, I will continue to speak as long as I can in this arena, because although I have been discouraged, threatened, lost much of what I value in life, and remain heartbroken at humanity’s current prospects, I still have heart, even though much has been done to destroy it and the love that I feel.

To conclude, I guess you can say that upon further reflection and in writing what it is I have written above, I have decided that my heart is still in this. Hopefully, in continuing to do what it is that I do when I interpret the world with my own childlike qualities and employ my gifts, talents, and training in continuing to communicate with others, I can be successful, and help dig myself out of this hole that others have helped dig for me, because of their hatred for how it is that I see the world and their desire to eliminate what it is that I have come to represent.  Maybe in doing so, I can help others in our society to do the same and increase those pure qualities that I admire and respect about people, so I won’t be so disappointed in what it is that I see taking place in the world.

Today, it is those who engage in a kind of cold, calculated thinking that places money and politics over that which feels, lives, and expresses which threatens the very core of our existence, causing me to lien more toward my internal “late man.”  Therefore, I guess my “late man” wins, despite the insurmountable odds and the internal struggle between my intellect and my heart.

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