An Age of Treason Versus An Age of Reason

Would you rather live in an age of treason or an age of reason?

For me, the age of treason has not been too beneficial, mainly because I don’t have it in me to turn collaborationist and put myself and my own survival above that of other people, knowing that such activities will have a drastic and lasting effect on others who are being destroyed by the very system that I will have helped promote with such collaborationism.

Therefore, I find that I am the one facing extinction because of those who are willing to take these types of cowardly actions against other citizens, so long as they personally still have a shot at survival. To me, this is wrong. No one should be benefiting from the destruction of a system that promotes justice and freedom, and its replacement with one that requires others to be destroyed in order for this cheap and bastardized imitation to be propped up in order to benefit a select elite.

There is a difference between the self-defense of a nation and the deliberate onslaught of a nation and the perpetual rape of it and its people in order to further such an evil agenda.

Those who are aiding in the destruction of this nation and its foundational ideology don’t understand that the necessity of defending their nation and the rights of others is above one’s own personal survival, and that their individual needs are being manipulated in order to get them to go along with an inferior system that protects them at the expense of the innocent, and that once they have sufficiently destroyed the original system, those who are using the needs of people in order to manipulate them will have no reason to continue doing so.

Therefore, these people are merely delaying their own personal destruction, and ignore the fact that their best chance for self-defense is to protect their nation from the onslaught in which they have been roped into participating.  The best way for people to ensure that their needs will continue to be met and their rights will be recognized is to defend the very system that they are in the process of dismantling.

That bribe money is not going to last forever, but with the continued support and understanding of the People, this nation’s promise of freedom can continue well into the future. It is not a foregone conclusion that we must lose our rights and be doomed to slavery, but it is a foregone conclusion that continued capitulation to the money masters will result in an enormous loss of freedom for humanity well into the future.

In an age of reason, people act reasonably to protect one another because they understand that the loss of rights for another individual equates to the loss of rights for themselves. In an age of reason, even the selfish benefit from the People’s willingness to preserve a system that protects everybody equally, and the People don’t resign themselves to accept that the “law” applies differently to some than it does to others, that capitulation to a system means that they can survive tyranny, while segments of the population are completely demolished by the same tyranny that they ignored and even promoted. That’s what people do in an age of treason.

I would much rather live in an age of reason, than an age of treason.

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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