Take Your 1913 and Shove It Right Up Your. . .

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of posts claiming that “the show was over in 1913,” that “America was killed then,” and that “it is utterly pointless to resist since we were had in 1913.”

This strikes me as nothing more than demoralizing, propagandistic bullshit that is meant to get people who are living in the here and now, facing the litany of false flags, covert operations, and sophisticated psyops that are being run with the complicity of a corrupted and compromised media, to sit down and let those whom may have began this assault on America in 1913 finish us off.

If it were really true that it was over in 1913, why would there be the need for all the perps, trolls, and shills to try to demoralize our people and convince us that it is useless to resist? There wouldn’t. They would already have installed everything and have the absolute control that they are now driving for. The Constitution would have been a dead letter in 1913. But is is very much alive, although under grave threat.

Given the fact that many Americans have chosen to take to the social media to vent their frustrations with the fucktards who are destroying this nation, whom may have began their subversion in the early 20th century, and whom are now trying to capitalize on this enormous undertaking, I’d say that it is far from over, and that these demoralization attempts are merely a reflection of the doubt and worry that those who sought to conquer the U.S. are feeling, since they have been discovered and largely exposed.

The massive undertaking to clamp down and shut people up in the social media, as per Cass Sunstein’s recommendations, as well as the false flags that are being run to demonize those who are pushing back in the social media, shows how important it is for them to silence their critics.

We are having an effect. They know it, and there is nothing that they would love more than to shut us up by making us think that everything was lost in 1913.

The only ones who are about to lose everything are the shitstains (Sunsteins) and traitors in 2014 who would destroy the promise of freedom in the world and extinguish the human dignity that so many people exemplify through their willingness to continue speaking, despite the risks of being murdered and posthumously smeared, like these sons of bit*hes are known to do.

It isn’t 1913; it is 2014, thank you very much. And I’ll continue to fight for liberty and humanity in the here and now by exercising my First Amendment, even if these dirty cheats and murderers are successful in eliminating it.

If it were 2113, and I were living in a dystopia society were speaking my mind resulted in a death sentence, I’d still be speaking out. I guess I don’t really care what year it is, some ideas transcend time and space; freedom is among those them.

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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