You Can’t Fight Corruption With a Heart Full of Evil

Which is More Important to Fight Against Evil, Internal Conflict or External Oppression?

If you are concerned about being oppressed, then you are a threat to those who oppress, and you have the potential to free others who are being oppressed, as well as those who don’t concern themselves with how they are being oppressed because they have yet to feel their oppression.

Oppression is defined by as “the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.” It is not unjust, burdensome, cruel, or an unwarranted exercise of power or authority to use one’s mind in order to understand an existential threat and seek to remedy that threat. Concerning yourself with such external threats that do meet the above definition are one’s best chance to remedy the problem and eliminate the source of oppression.

However, oppression is also defined by as “the feeling of being heavily burdened, mentally or physically, by troubles, adverse conditions, anxiety.” Therefore, it may be true that concerning one’s self with oppression might heavily weigh upon someone mentally with troubles, adverse conditions, anxiety, and the like, but if this is driven by an external factor that is causing that person’s oppression, then it can hardly be said that that oppression originates from one’s self. These feelings would thus be derived from the nature of the circumstances and the result of external oppression.

Self-control is a powerful form of regulation, which can be effective in controlling and mitigating the damage that is caused by external oppression and the burdensome feelings that are generated as a result. However, slavery, tyranny, and violence are also powerful forms of control as well, which result from the lack of other people to maintain self-control.  Therefore, you can be in full control of your own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, but be met by those who do not have this same ability to self-regulate. Those who are out of control will seek to impose their will on you.

In the material realm, self-control might not do you a bit of good when met by the violence and force of those who seek to end you, but your understanding of self, desire to overcome oppression, and unwillingness to compromise with these enemies will give you a spiritual victory that such cretins will never understand of experience. Thus, you may lose in the material world, but win the mental and spiritual victory. Therefore, self-control is more powerful than oppression.

However, the only way to win this sort of victory is to concern one’s self with oppression and seek to defeat it on the material and the spiritual level. Not understanding the enemy means that you risk losing the internal battle for self-control and goodness, thereby giving your oppressors inroads to affect your own defeat. Hence, it is by not understanding oppression and concerning yourself with such things that one has the greatest chances of oppressing one’s self.  There is no greater oppressor than ignorance, which is why the oppressors are trying to deliberately dumb down the population.

An oppressor does not have to know everything that you think, all of the time, in order to oppress you. They just have to know enough about the target of their oppression to do significant enough damage to achieve the upper hand.

It may be true that the most important battle one faces is the internal battle between good and evil, which every person must fight, and losing it means a complete loss and giving one’s self over to the ultimate oppressor. That is why much of the external threat of oppression is designed to get a person to lose that internal battle, which is very much the reason that people should seek to understand those who seek to oppress them.  If one does not understand the enemy and how they seek to undermine you spiritually through their oppression, the chances are you will lose both the external fight and your all important internal conflict, thereby increasing the overall evil that exists in the world.

The need to understand oppression and external threats to one’s spiritual, moral, and physical existence is every bit as important to winning the larger moral and spiritual battle within one’s self. The fight between that which is good and that which is evil depends upon it, and this exists as the reason why the oppressor tries to use phoney philosophical arguments to divert a person’s attention only toward the internal battle for the self, wrapping a person in on one’s self, and increasing their chances of counting coup on another soul.

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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