New World Cannibalism

Cannibalism is the act of people eating the flesh of other members of the population, usually in a ceremonial and ritualistic fashion.

This happens all the time in America, but the majority of these cases don’t involve the kind of sensationalistic murder that we see elsewhere. In fact, people get eaten alive by those around them all the time, in business, in academia, in Hollywood, in politics, as well as by the legal, medical, and psychiatric professions and sociologists.  In many ways, the pecking order has been instilled into people as part of the social construct, and in many ways it is just as ceremonial and symbolic when it occurs in the day to day operations that people in this nation have the audacity to call free living.

Those who have created these rituals and ceremonies for their own amusement, and to inculcate evil into society, plan to embed this type of casual cannibalism deeper into the culture, as it is necessary for the totalitarian agenda which they serve. This is why you see it operating on so many different levels and why so many people are quick to excuse what they see by calling it a “dog eat dog world.”

Furthermore, the anti-bullying campaigns being run in schools are simply another reverse psychology attempt to normalize and elevate this behavior in a manipulative fashion, as much as the DARE (Drug Abuse and Resistance Education) Program was meant to open up drug markets in suburbia by using children’s natural curiosity and distrust of blatant lies and propaganda to get people to do the opposite of what they were told.

In addition, you are seeing the emergence and acceptance of the horrific crime known as gang stalking, which completely destroys the lives of individuals who have been targeted by a COINTELPRO style of campaign of personal destruction that uses methods developed under MK-Ultra and perfected on prisoner detainees in Guantanamo and other detainee prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan that are applied to civilians.

Covert and secret cannibalism that people are willing to accept because it is engrained in the culture and sanctioned by the powers that be, the government, and corporate hierarchies are some of the worst methods of cannibalism available. The human garbage that operated under the East German Stasi knew it, just like the Department of Homeland Security bozos understand it today.

It is this form of cannibalism that the controllers of society are counting on using to maintain illegitimate control of the current population that is demanding truth and justice. If they can convince you to instead eat your spouse, family, neighbors, peers, colleagues, and strangers, then they can prevent you from the wholesome celebratory feast that should take place upon the exposure and defeat of the New World Order, which seems to derive much of its power from the fear generated by instituting various forms of cannibalism that in many ways are much uglier than the type of cannibalism that requires the actual consumption of human flesh.

Humans can be an hideous creature. Perhaps the character Ripley said it best in the movie Aliens, when she was discussing a parasitic alien life-form whose behavior was pretty insect-like and stated, “you don’t see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage.” It’s pretty sad when one can compare the behaviors of one of the scariest creatures to ever hit the silver screen to humans, and still make humans looks bad.

As things get progressively worse, there will be people who wonder if the good guys actual won when the Marines in that movie nuked the site from orbit because it was “the only way to be sure.” You can bet that the powers that be are using this type of ambivalence regarding the human species that such cannibalism breeds in order to try to justify a similar solution to deal with what they consider a human infestation. To allow the globalists to win would be the equivalent of Ripley being blown out of the air lock, instead of the queen bee alien, and “one of those things [getting] down here. . .then that will be all.”

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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