All Luciferians Are Fake

All Luciferians are fake. For years, we have witnessed them try to conceal themselves by taking on the mantras of egalitarianism, utilitarianism, and humanitarianism, as they have actively pushed policies which have been designed to deprive people of the core essence of their freedom and their humanity, in the name of the greater good, or some other cause that relies on an emotional appeal to affect. They have hidden themselves within the institutions that people relied upon and trusted in order to do the most damage to the concepts that have made our society successful, as they have failed in their duties, all while feigning ignorance after the fact, when their policies inevitably and deliberately lead to misery and disaster.

The Luciferians are so fake they have ripped off ideas and spirituality from those movements that threaten them the most, turned around and perverted those teachings into something else entirely, then repackaged and sold them to a public that they wish to lead astray because they realize that their time is running short, as their masks are falling off.

Furthermore, this effort to build themselves up into that which they are not is reliant upon serious disinformation as well as heavily funded and continuous propaganda that is targeted to draw as many people into their lifestyle, so that when the masks come off, they will have less of a battle with those who did not buy into their fraudulent trappings and can see them for what they happen to be.

Today, they realize that the paradigm is shifting. Therefore, they are trying to co-opt the movement against the old guard by replacing it with a new guard of false prophets and people who claim to have the insights into how the old system was running, so that they will give their trust to the people whom they have strategically placed into positions that can be exploited to ensure that the power and the control never really changes hands, and that those who were duped before will be duped again by its replacement.

They rely upon censorship while stealing other people’s ideas in order to make themselves appear more credible. If the people whom they are trying to repackage and sell a false message to were to actually hear from those that they have ripped off and stolen from in order to make themselves more believable, then the public would abandon these phoneys and gravitate towards those who are speaking actual truth, without the hateful intent that they possess. They oppress that which they cannot control because they are cowardly and cannot afford to allow themselves to truly compete because they are so fake.

Finally, it is they who are the false teachers and the false prophets. They simply want to pervert your soul, so you’ll remain beholden to them as the finish making mince-meat of the human race. They are so fake that they only resemble human kind, for humanity has a soul which they have renounced and which they are in the process of attacking. There is nothing more fake than a Luciferian who mimics those they want to destroy in order to further their plan to destroy them.

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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