Communistic Plans For News Dominance

Many people in the main stream news and the old media dinosaurs, whom have failed the American people and have proven themselves unworthy of the special protections afforded the press under the United States Constitution, granted because of the special role the media is supposed to have in keeping our government honest, are decrying the pitiful shape that the media is in and blaming their failures on government, instead of engaging in the kind of honest investigative journalism that would have quickly exposed the Veterans Affairs scandals, years ago.

If they had done their jobs correctly, instead of having the body count caused by governmental abuses and ineptitude continue to grow, we would have seen many political and bureaucratic career losses, which would have had the effect of keeping the government honest, by putting our dear “leaders” on notice that the people are watching them and will hold them accountable for their chicanery. Unfortunately, instead, we have this government media complex in the United States, where the news media is heavily reliant upon government support for their existence. Therefore, the quality of reporting can be described as none other than propaganda.

Is it any accident that when the news media was challenged by a competitive system whereby citizens started taking to the internet to describe things that the news media should have been reporting on and providing analysis of events that was not bought and paid for, that the people flocked to those sources and abandoned the old media in droves? Is it a coincidence that the government, who was previously controlling the message, has decided to begin attacking those sources vociferously in an effort to reign things in and once again control how the “news” is spun? Is it any wonder that those who were benefiting from this unique relationship with the government and fashioned themselves as the only names in news are now supporting those efforts to shut down their competitors?

The same holds true today, as it did when the U.S. Constitution was written. In order to retain a free society, or in the present case, to regain our once free society, then the quality of news reporting and the media’s willingness to take on large governmental and corporate interests in the name of truth in reporting, so that an informed public can make wise decisions regarding its choices in public policy, is critically important. However, there are several government, media, and “educational” interests that are busy scheming to come up with ways to push back against the new media and regain their power to control the message and eliminate competition in those markets through monopolistic means that would make the corrupt robber barons proud. What is being promoted is an anti-capitalist model that infuses government money and protection for those sources who are willing to tow the fascistic corporatist line under the banner of the hard left in this nation. As always, we see the usual suspects involved including Annenberg, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and academia.

If you want to know the game plan of the enemies of free speech, then I would encourage you to read “Public Policy and Funding the News” by Geoffrey Cowan and David Westphal found here:

They argue that the reason the media is failing is because of a decrease in government support and state that government should continue to provide support to the media, in what will allow for those already well-positioned in the media to assert informational dominance in the “news.”

The following provides a game plan for helping the old news media gain control of the new news media through a variety of proposals.

1) Create national endowments for investigative journalism.
2) Create journalism fellows within the Americorps programs.
3) Reorient public radio and TV by CPB, to provide more local news coverage in each community where public stations exist.
4) Open up government databases for more access for news reporting.
5) Provide a joint distribution subsidy, where newspapers receive money per copy distributed via joint distribution system with competitor.
6) Provide a production subsidy via a tax on print advertising (could also tax online presence if internet tax rules were relaxed).
7) Provide loans on favorable terms to struggling newspapers so they can improve their technology.
8) Develop a creative-commons-esque opt-in model where newsmedia gives up copyright protection in order to receive government funding “as a public subsidy to promote and protect access to public expression.” Two-tiered model would provide subsidies to organizations that give up legal rights to their work at the first level, and would provide a second level of support to groups or individuals “engaging in practices–transparency, accountability, dialogue, reliability, and collaboration–that increase the overall quality of journalism.”                                                                                                                                                                              9) Municipal ownership.
10) Increasing government, private and philanthropic funding of public service media predicated upon reforms in the areas of local programming, diversity, and interactivity.
11) Understanding public media systems from democracies around the world to look for positive policy prescriptions, from funding mechanisms to citizen engagement and governance structures, for the United States. These public service models provide insight into challenges and varying approaches in remedying the failure in the production of quality, independent, commercial-free journalism.

You can read this more in depth here:

Aside from opening up government databases to journalists, which I agree with, I think this clearly demonstrates an anti-capitalistic model for the news media that will allow government funded news sources to continue to dominate the informational landscape.

Proposals like this, coupled with legislative attacks on the First Amendment that are being proposed by people like Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer, will allow for the corrupt government to put their detractors out of business while propping up the news media sources that have already failed the American people and whom are responsible for their own failures for deciding that government support is more important to them than the truth.

Damn these people. Damn these people to Hell, where they clearly belong.

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I Feel Bad for the Victims of Mass Shootings, But. . .

I feel bad for the victims of mass shootings, but we know that a disarmed population becomes the prey for mass murderers of a different variety, those in government who wish to cleanse the population around some sort of societal cleavage, religious, ethnic, racial, or political. We know that this sort of mass murder approaches numbers far greater than a handful of people murdered at one time.Therefore, I don’t see how calling for the mass murder of many more people by demanding the evisceration of the Second Amendment rights of people helps solve the problem of being victimized by a mass murdering low-life. Any solution that is being promoted by people on the left these days merely grants more power to mass murderers of a different variety. Given the historical record of the left killing its political enemies, I think people would be wise to question these events, who’s behind them, and the solutions that they promote.The way I see it, we can deal with the limited gun violence that we have and put pressure on the government to start cracking down on those who are trying to precipitate these mass murdering events, so that they can exploit them to achieve their political objectives and as part of psychological operations that are designed to gain acceptance for the further destruction of the rights that are protecting Americans from the full on mass murder by a government that has taken to directing propaganda toward its own people and committing terrorism against them with an abusive police state.

The alternative is to resign ourselves to gamble over which segment of the population the government will choose to exterminate, when we cave into the demands of terrorists who are perpetrating these acts to influence our political decision making concerning the ability to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.

I would rather take my chances getting gunned down by an individual criminal, than a criminal government that has the efficiency, power, motive, and opportunity to selectively reduce the population as it sees fit because the people have been disarmed and exist in a defenseless state.

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Curse on Those Who Engage in Black Magick

“Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.” Matthew 6:9-13 KJV.

This, the Lord’s Prayer, acts as a curse to any who defy God and work to do harm against his people, for it envisages the destruction of evil and the deliverance of those who choose to follow Christ. It calls upon the highest magick of all, the will of God, in order to bring about a day where evil will be vanquished and those who hunger after truth and justice will be satisfied.

Clearly, it shows that temptation is a weakness for those who call upon God, for it is the weakness of temptation that those who have rejected God have given themselves over to, and exists as the source of their evil and their willingness to partake in it. Therefore, it contemplates that by succumbing to temptation God’s people make themselves vulnerable, whereas rising above that temptation makes them strong.

God’s people are being tested now and must learn to abandon that which is of this earth to attain the highest spiritual strength possible. God’s kingdom here on earth has little room for those who would succumb and resign themselves to a life that is fulfilled by evil works.

Daily bread represents a continuing connection with God the almighty and the right and ability to call upon him for help and guidance in a world that is teeming with evil. Those still connected to the Holy Spirit can get their daily bread, and it will help them in their fight against those who seek man’s downfall. Obviously, the call for God’s kingdom on earth means that this connection and those who have it will be fulfilled in their duty to do what is right and to share in the wealth of the spirit, to help others tap into this connection and satiate their hunger for truth and justice as well.

As this connectivity spreads, the strength of God’s people will increase to a critical mass, whereby evil’s back is against the wall. Those who are attempting to starve others of their daily bread, will have to either choose to willingly partake of God’s word and welcome the Holy Spirit or choose to perish and reap what they have sown.

One difference between a Luciferian and a Christian is that the Luciferian would seek to force you to rebuke this daily bread, starving you of it, as they secretly and knowingly kill you, while Christians offer to teach and help sustain others on this bread, as they openly profess their wish that everybody get to enjoy eternal life. One is the way of lies, secrets, and death, while the other is the way of truth, transparency, and life. In my view, the latter way is superior and consists of the highest form of magick..

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I Am Afraid of the Term Shill

I am afraid of the term shill because I think it fits right in line with the desire of the powers that be to minimize their. Calling people shills makes it seem like the paid agents of theirs in the media are simply promoting a commercial interest, like hocking a detergent soap in the early 20th century.

People should be more inclined to call these people what they are, collaborationists. Although I use the term shill from time to time, I still think it is important to put these people into the proper historical context.

Shills would be the Germans who sat back as their neighbors where rounded up and sent to the ghettos, only it’s worse than that, because they are actively profiting by promoting the policies and positions that make it all possible. If they had been alive in Nazi Germany, they would be promoting the Nuremberg Laws and Nazi expansion into Czechoslovakia and Poland. They would have been backing the Nazis T4 program, just as they are supportive of Obamacare today.

Shills are the Vichy French and the good Germans. That’s what shills are

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The State of Psychiatry As An Indicator For Totalitarianism

I am sure the behavioral health assessment teams and New Age Nazis of our time are already all over the internet trying to identify “threatening” people. No doubt, they are focusing a significant amount of their resources toward people who frequent “conspiracy” oriented sites, discussion groups, and news outlets.

If you are a freethinking individual with the capacity to see through the layers upon layers of bullshit and the myriad of lies that the powers that be hide behind to maintain their power, the sad fact is that it will not matter if it is a true statement to say that one is “mentally ill,” nor do those responsible really care about the traditional notions of proof, because it has become a matter for the subjectivity of one of their charlatans and “experts.” Knowing this about their nature makes a person a direct threat to such a system, which is just one reason why they are willing to fraudulently commit people in order to control them.

Expect this problem to get much worse, unless and until something is done to reign in the abuse of power in this nation.

The psychiatric police state is the real threat, suffered by people living under totalitarianism. All one has to do to decide whether or not this threat exists in their own society is to look around and objectively determine whether the society that they are living in has totalitarian characteristics. If it does, then the likelihood is that the psychiatric community is an extension and expression of this system and has little, if anything, to do with actually helping people deal with the problems of mental health.

Signs of a marriage between the psychiatric and the legal systems makes things even more clear. When a society weds these two systems together and there are indications of significant corruption in both, then that is a definite indicator something is wrong, and can be used as proof that one is now living in a totalitarian nation that employs psychiatry as a weapon in the police state structure.

This is the tool that they will effectively use to purge the government of freethinking people that might develop the scruples to blow the whistle and challenge the ones who are actually pulling everyone into the collective insanity that we so often see under totalitarianism.  These methods can and should be rejected by people who wish to remain free, by providing some push back and understanding of how this system is developing in order to bypass the traditional legal notions of due process and the admonition that we have for thought crimes.

The current state of psychiatry and our society is entirely unacceptable for anyone who wishes to remain free.

Remember Telemarketers?

Telemarketers used to be the lowest of the low.  A person would be sitting down for a nice meal with the family, when the home phone would ring.  He would get up and answer it, so not to miss an important phone call, only to be met with some schmuck on the other end of the line who either tried to rip him off or sell him something for which he had no use. Needless to say, these people were not highly regarded. They were considered low-lives and pieces of human garbage by regular people.

Today, there is a similar phenomenon. In this fast paced world, where the enjoyment in most things seems to have been squeezed out of existence by those who were employing all the telemarketers of the 1980s and 1990s and managed to cheat their way to the top, gaming a corrupt system and dominating the political landscape with such chicanery, most people look to the internet to seek some sort of solace and relaxation, as well as to find information and entertainment. When normal folks sit down at the end of their long days ready to take in what use to be an enjoyable exercise, they find that one of their last sources of pleasure in the world has been inundated by Orwellian shitbags, as they are met by shills whom are shilling for the fascist corporatist model that allows so many welfare queens to exist high up in the board rooms of the major corporations and financial powerhouses, in the public and non-profit sector, and out in the streets on the dole.

The worst form of welfare to exist is promoted through this desire to string puppets along by controlling people’s means of survival, and it comes in the form of this ridiculous make work program that pays degenerates to post fake comments and troll the hell out of real folks, like the patriarchs of the families of yesteryear who tried to enjoy their dinners with a type of family that no longer exists in the world because of the soulless worms who have elevated money over what’s real. This is simply not a sustainable model and might go a long way in explaining the current federal debt.

Yep, the worthless and rather robotic telemarketers of the past have become the government shills and trolls in the media today. I liken them both to the cockroach. Perhaps shining a light on these types of vermin might go a long way in cleaning up the problems that we have had with respect to the ability of people to enjoy those little things in life without all the modern inconveniences that have been contrived by those who detest the very idea of their slaves finding enjoyment in any nook or cranny on the face of the planet, let alone cyberspace.

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Are You a Part of the Sixth Column? If So What Kind of Sixth Columnist Are You?

The term sixth column has to different, diametrically opposed definitions. The definition for the sixth column includes:

“1: the aggregate of persons in a country at war who assist the subversive activities of the fifth column by defeatist talk, the spreading of rumors, and other activities that weaken resistance or appease the enemy
2: a group organized to combat the fifth column”

As you can see if describes two different types of people.

On one hand, it can be used to describe the traitors that many people have come to know as government trolls and shills, as their activity is designed to aid the subversive activities of the scum who have declared war against the United States, its institutions, and its foundational ideology, in favor of what they think is globalist supremacy.  Basically, sixth columnists of this type represent the information warfare or psychological warfare arm of an enemy that is actively subverting a nation.

On the other hand, it can be used to describe those people who fight being under occupation, or under the threat of occupation, by forces that are dependent upon the help of the Quislings and Benedict Arnolds who sell their nation out in order to help an enemy subvert it and declare war on their fellow citizens, for the sake of their own survival, or because of their fanatical views and ideological sympathies to such an enemy.

We can see two types of people being developed today, sixth columnist of two different varieties who are in opposition to one another. Those traitors who wish to support the occupation and help rip this nation asunder because they have been so brainwashed by the fifth columnists who took over the education system, the media, and the political system are the first variety, while the patriots and citizens who respect the foundational ideology of the United States represent the second variety.

All those who are operating media, channels on Youtube, or who are otherwise engaged in the information war that is ongoing for the heart and minds of the larger population must now ask this; “what kind of sixth columnist are you?” Clearly, the reason for the information warfare and propaganda of the enemy is two-fold; (1) to get you to join the treasonous sixth column, or (2) at least convince you that someone else is looking out for your interests while they finish putting their pieces on the board.  It is the job of true Americans and people who do not wish to become a 5th or 6th columnist of the treasonous variety to stand up and counteract their messages and do everything in their power to stop this assault on our nation.

I know which kind of sixth columnist I am, as I have absolutely no tolerance and respect for treason and the cowardice that enables it. What kind of sixth columnists do you want to be? Are you an brave and decent American or just a pathetic piece of garbage who sells out their nation and joins the chorus of paid government shills and psyops agents wishing to bury you and your nation?

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Concentrically Shrinking Spoken Word

Tonight, I was speaking to a person whom I didn’t know over the phone, because someone that I do know put me on the line with them.  I explained a little bit about my situation, and the person with whom I was speaking said that he was familiar with some of my work.  He then started to direct the conversation onto a path whereby he was justifying a position where he seemed to be taking the stance that it isn’t worth spending the time trying to convince people about what’s wrong with the system, and that people who aren’t aware are willfully ignorant, so it is not worth the risk to try to help people who are buying into the overabundant lies and distortions that are fed to them.

I stated that at that point it is no longer about warning other people about the danger they are in or trying to explain the risk to them.  It is about the fact that your personal rights are being trampled and that you have to even worry about the dangers associated with engaging in discourse with other people, that this is a slippery slope which leads to exactly what we have today, which is fewer people who are willing to engage in discourse on any level that will educate and enlighten others, and that eventually other, less problematic, types of speech will be targeted.

When the power structure has progressed to a point where any legitimate speech can be targeted, what’s to stop those who are limiting one type of speech from targeting other modes of speech, like speaking about the weather, saying hello to your neighbor, or spreading gossip, you know, the types of speech that most of the idiots who the person that I was speaking to feels are unworthy of the risk?

Personally, I do not like to see the spheres of acceptable speech shrink concentrically, even if it hasn’t yet touched upon the type of speech which I like to participate in at that time, because it will only be a matter of time.

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The Modern Day Peanut Gallery Helps To Enslave Us All

Historically, the peanut gallery consisted of the cheapest seats in the house, where tight-knit groups of rambunctious theater goers would often sit. From there, they would demonstrate their impressive heckling skills by jeering loudly and throwing peanuts at the stage. A few other interesting items about the peanut gallery are worth noting. One, it was also called the Gods because of the elevation of the cheap seats in which it sat in relation to the stage and the rest of the theater, as well as the amazing mythical art that was often painted on the ceiling of these theaters. And two, The Howdy Dowdy Show adopted this term to describe its studio audience full of children, calling them “peanuts,” once again popularizing the term.

Surely, there are some comparisons to be made between the peanut gallery and today’s government shills, trolls, and online perps. For instance, (1) these paid operatives loudly disrupt the free flow of ideas and the ongoing speech that takes place on the stage we call the internet; (2) they are mentally equivalent to children and often like to make crude jokes to cover for their emotional insecurity and the fact that they have sold their souls; (3) they are now positioned to see some amazing pieces of art work; and (4) believe themselves to be Gods because of the impunity that they have been able to operate with when it comes to disrupting one of our most cherished and fundamental rights.

However, there are some important differences that should also be noted. Yesterday’s peanut gallery behaved the way that it did on of its own volition and without government mandates or funding; it became part of the fun and tradition of the theater and wasn’t designed to marginalize entire segments of the population that it disagreed with; and finally, it was not really intended to annihilate the free speech rights of those participating in public political speech. Therefore, I don’t think that today’s online peanut gallery is an innocent or fun as the days of Vaudeville, or the beginning of kids television programming. In fact, I believe it is much worse and much more evil.

Somehow, I just don’t think that the founders would have approved of government expenditure for a high tech, multibillion dollar industry, designed specifically for heckling people who are not going along with the communist agenda, which incidentally, I don’t think they would have approved of either. Basically, all the shilling, trolling, and perping online, in the social media, and in other types of media, would be the equivalent to the government purchasing all of the seats in the upper gallery of a theater when someone was going to put on an anti-government play, purchasing a large amount of peanuts, and encouraging those with whom they contracted to sit in the seats it had purchased to use those peanuts as missiles directed at the cast members of the play, hoping to discourage the cast, crew, and audience from coming back to that theater for further showings.

The purpose of this type of behavior on the part of government would be to limit the number of people who would receive a message with which the government disapproved, and to discourage further works that might be in the same genre from being commissioned or created. This would be the equivalent of using government clout and treasure to shut down dissent, which is a clear abridgment of free speech, as well as a clear violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. What makes it even more despicable is the fact that it is carried out specifically to attack political speech, which the founders thought to be critical to the public’s discourse and ability to maintain a representative republic with strong democratic institutions.

There is a particularly extreme example of this that one might consider. Abraham Lincoln was shot in a balcony at Ford’s Theater by an assassin who was unhappy with his politics and the turn of events concerning the then recent surrender by Robert E. Lee at Appomattox. Now, this is not entirely the same thing, because the missile that pierced Lincoln’s skull was a .44 caliber shot fired from an actor at the theater, John Wilkes Booth, while Lincoln was an member of the audience. However, it should be noted that this came directly after Booth was an audience member in a speech Lincoln gave from the Balcony of the White House concerning suffrage for the former slaves.

Therefore, the Lincoln assassination was clearly an extreme version of what happens when governments and their sympathizers wish to silence others, since Booth was a member of the Confederate Secret Service, and it looks like the Confederates entertained the notion of at least kidnapping Lincoln as a tactic for turning the tide of the war. Thus, murder can and does factor into plans to silence others, as I believe it has today, with the deaths of Breitbart and Hastings, to name a few.

Despite the truth in the above statements, we have people in government today, many of whom happen to be paid shills, trolls, perps, government sympathizers, and members of the U.S. government’s secret services, advocating for the use of what is effectively the twenty first century version of the peanut gallery.

First, these people are high on their sense of power and believe that they are Gods, but not only are they sitting in the presence of great art and the free flow of ideas, they are actively censoring that art and discouraging the future production of ideas.  Not only can their work be compared to that of the peanut gallery, but when it comes to the censorship and discouragement of future ideas, they can also be compared to abortion doctors, the creations that they abort are the living testimony of man.  The spoken word, literature, poetry, movies, and other forms of art are all things that they seek to destroy, preferably before they are born.

Second, these people are cheap. Although they would not believe themselves to be the equivalent of the riffraff that is associated with the peanut gallery, because they get paid hefty sums to engage in this behavior, getting paid to shill, troll, and perp means that these people have the cheapest seats of all in the global art theater known as the internet.  Time is money. While everyone else has to allocate what little time that they have left after conducting their other day to day activities, and while they expend something to come to the show, these people get a free seat, and are actually paid for the time that they spend disrupting everyone else, whether they be in the audience or the equivalent to the cast and crew on the stage. Not only that, but the government pays for their concessions as they hurl it into the crowd and up on stage. I wonder when they will realize that the government is feeding them crap and asking them to hurl it at everyone else, like animals of a lower order.

Last, people are losing their lives over what they do and say. These government lackeys are in the best position to understand exactly how serious this is, how many people’s rights are being stepped on, and where this is all leading; but do they put a stop to it or do the right thing? Not that I have seen. It appears that those who are working in this manner are fine with it as long as it is happening to someone else, and they can still get some level of enjoyment from the internet, everyone else be damned. Does it matter to them that the person who is being censored and stepped on, may also be threatened, harassed, assaulted, and tortured in other ways, in addition to the feeling of being neutered that having ones First Amendment violated inspires? No. . .

And this is why it is likely that the desire to silence others is likely to result in more bloodshed, because when governments recognize that they can get away with such gross acts of tyranny and oppression, it emboldens them to take even more extreme measures, particularly when the despicable actions that it has already taken results in a scenario where people are waking up en masse and willing to correct the source of the repression that they are feeling.

The White House yard is pretty small in comparison to the world wide web. The ability of President Lincoln to reach his audience was nothing compared to the lightning speed of fiber optic cables and microwave towers to carry a message from a nobody to everybody. One great man was shot at Ford’s Theater in an attempt to prevent truth and righteousness from prevailing. How many great men will be killed in an effort to prevent the truth and righteousness from prevailing today? Will we remain free, or we enter a realm of technological slavery? If we do, the peanut gallery of today will share responsibility and the blood of the victims will be on their hands.

Attacks on Free Speech and Internet Communications Are a Part of Full Spectrum Dominance


If attacks on free speech and internet communications are part of globalist plans for full spectrum dominance of the world population, and represent a specific attack on the informational field of those that they seek to dominate, then part of the funding for government shilling, trolling, and propaganda must partially come from the black budgets of the agencies and institutions that are involved with this tanking of the public discourse for sixth column purposes.

That means perhaps the best way to fight this is for citizens to call their congressmen and congresswomen and ask for them to start a congressional investigation into these matters, and most definitely audit the budgets of these agencies, looking specifically for the funding trail.  There should also be an investigation into the international source of some of this funding as well, because much of the money is being sent offshore and later introduced via offshore sources to deliberately obfuscate the paper trail and hide those at the top who are funding the madness, which any person can realistically view by merely clicking through to virtually any online medium today.


The objective is to gain complete control of one of the most powerful mediums known to man, so that it can be manipulated with gatekeepers, marketing experts, and propaganda departments in much the same way that television, radio, magazines, and billboards were controlled in the post World War II era.  This is dangerous in the sense that it would allow for another long epoch of mind control and public manipulation in order to keep citizens in check under a global government, stagnating thought and preventing the natural evolution of man’s destiny, in favor of a destiny chosen by those who are seeking to control the discourse, which despite claims made by hypocrites, and given their penchant for political violence and mass mind manipulation, anyone can tell is not in humanity’s best interest.

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