Communistic Plans For News Dominance

Many people in the main stream news and the old media dinosaurs, whom have failed the American people and have proven themselves unworthy of the special protections afforded the press under the United States Constitution, granted because of the special role the media is supposed to have in keeping our government honest, are decrying the pitiful shape that the media is in and blaming their failures on government, instead of engaging in the kind of honest investigative journalism that would have quickly exposed the Veterans Affairs scandals, years ago.

If they had done their jobs correctly, instead of having the body count caused by governmental abuses and ineptitude continue to grow, we would have seen many political and bureaucratic career losses, which would have had the effect of keeping the government honest, by putting our dear “leaders” on notice that the people are watching them and will hold them accountable for their chicanery. Unfortunately, instead, we have this government media complex in the United States, where the news media is heavily reliant upon government support for their existence. Therefore, the quality of reporting can be described as none other than propaganda.

Is it any accident that when the news media was challenged by a competitive system whereby citizens started taking to the internet to describe things that the news media should have been reporting on and providing analysis of events that was not bought and paid for, that the people flocked to those sources and abandoned the old media in droves? Is it a coincidence that the government, who was previously controlling the message, has decided to begin attacking those sources vociferously in an effort to reign things in and once again control how the “news” is spun? Is it any wonder that those who were benefiting from this unique relationship with the government and fashioned themselves as the only names in news are now supporting those efforts to shut down their competitors?

The same holds true today, as it did when the U.S. Constitution was written. In order to retain a free society, or in the present case, to regain our once free society, then the quality of news reporting and the media’s willingness to take on large governmental and corporate interests in the name of truth in reporting, so that an informed public can make wise decisions regarding its choices in public policy, is critically important. However, there are several government, media, and “educational” interests that are busy scheming to come up with ways to push back against the new media and regain their power to control the message and eliminate competition in those markets through monopolistic means that would make the corrupt robber barons proud. What is being promoted is an anti-capitalist model that infuses government money and protection for those sources who are willing to tow the fascistic corporatist line under the banner of the hard left in this nation. As always, we see the usual suspects involved including Annenberg, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and academia.

If you want to know the game plan of the enemies of free speech, then I would encourage you to read “Public Policy and Funding the News” by Geoffrey Cowan and David Westphal found here:

They argue that the reason the media is failing is because of a decrease in government support and state that government should continue to provide support to the media, in what will allow for those already well-positioned in the media to assert informational dominance in the “news.”

The following provides a game plan for helping the old news media gain control of the new news media through a variety of proposals.

1) Create national endowments for investigative journalism.
2) Create journalism fellows within the Americorps programs.
3) Reorient public radio and TV by CPB, to provide more local news coverage in each community where public stations exist.
4) Open up government databases for more access for news reporting.
5) Provide a joint distribution subsidy, where newspapers receive money per copy distributed via joint distribution system with competitor.
6) Provide a production subsidy via a tax on print advertising (could also tax online presence if internet tax rules were relaxed).
7) Provide loans on favorable terms to struggling newspapers so they can improve their technology.
8) Develop a creative-commons-esque opt-in model where newsmedia gives up copyright protection in order to receive government funding “as a public subsidy to promote and protect access to public expression.” Two-tiered model would provide subsidies to organizations that give up legal rights to their work at the first level, and would provide a second level of support to groups or individuals “engaging in practices–transparency, accountability, dialogue, reliability, and collaboration–that increase the overall quality of journalism.”                                                                                                                                                                              9) Municipal ownership.
10) Increasing government, private and philanthropic funding of public service media predicated upon reforms in the areas of local programming, diversity, and interactivity.
11) Understanding public media systems from democracies around the world to look for positive policy prescriptions, from funding mechanisms to citizen engagement and governance structures, for the United States. These public service models provide insight into challenges and varying approaches in remedying the failure in the production of quality, independent, commercial-free journalism.

You can read this more in depth here:

Aside from opening up government databases to journalists, which I agree with, I think this clearly demonstrates an anti-capitalistic model for the news media that will allow government funded news sources to continue to dominate the informational landscape.

Proposals like this, coupled with legislative attacks on the First Amendment that are being proposed by people like Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer, will allow for the corrupt government to put their detractors out of business while propping up the news media sources that have already failed the American people and whom are responsible for their own failures for deciding that government support is more important to them than the truth.

Damn these people. Damn these people to Hell, where they clearly belong.

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