I Feel Bad for the Victims of Mass Shootings, But. . .

I feel bad for the victims of mass shootings, but we know that a disarmed population becomes the prey for mass murderers of a different variety, those in government who wish to cleanse the population around some sort of societal cleavage, religious, ethnic, racial, or political. We know that this sort of mass murder approaches numbers far greater than a handful of people murdered at one time.Therefore, I don’t see how calling for the mass murder of many more people by demanding the evisceration of the Second Amendment rights of people helps solve the problem of being victimized by a mass murdering low-life. Any solution that is being promoted by people on the left these days merely grants more power to mass murderers of a different variety. Given the historical record of the left killing its political enemies, I think people would be wise to question these events, who’s behind them, and the solutions that they promote.The way I see it, we can deal with the limited gun violence that we have and put pressure on the government to start cracking down on those who are trying to precipitate these mass murdering events, so that they can exploit them to achieve their political objectives and as part of psychological operations that are designed to gain acceptance for the further destruction of the rights that are protecting Americans from the full on mass murder by a government that has taken to directing propaganda toward its own people and committing terrorism against them with an abusive police state.

The alternative is to resign ourselves to gamble over which segment of the population the government will choose to exterminate, when we cave into the demands of terrorists who are perpetrating these acts to influence our political decision making concerning the ability to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.

I would rather take my chances getting gunned down by an individual criminal, than a criminal government that has the efficiency, power, motive, and opportunity to selectively reduce the population as it sees fit because the people have been disarmed and exist in a defenseless state.

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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