I Am Afraid of the Term Shill

I am afraid of the term shill because I think it fits right in line with the desire of the powers that be to minimize their. Calling people shills makes it seem like the paid agents of theirs in the media are simply promoting a commercial interest, like hocking a detergent soap in the early 20th century.

People should be more inclined to call these people what they are, collaborationists. Although I use the term shill from time to time, I still think it is important to put these people into the proper historical context.

Shills would be the Germans who sat back as their neighbors where rounded up and sent to the ghettos, only it’s worse than that, because they are actively profiting by promoting the policies and positions that make it all possible. If they had been alive in Nazi Germany, they would be promoting the Nuremberg Laws and Nazi expansion into Czechoslovakia and Poland. They would have been backing the Nazis T4 program, just as they are supportive of Obamacare today.

Shills are the Vichy French and the good Germans. That’s what shills are

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