The State of Psychiatry As An Indicator For Totalitarianism

I am sure the behavioral health assessment teams and New Age Nazis of our time are already all over the internet trying to identify “threatening” people. No doubt, they are focusing a significant amount of their resources toward people who frequent “conspiracy” oriented sites, discussion groups, and news outlets.

If you are a freethinking individual with the capacity to see through the layers upon layers of bullshit and the myriad of lies that the powers that be hide behind to maintain their power, the sad fact is that it will not matter if it is a true statement to say that one is “mentally ill,” nor do those responsible really care about the traditional notions of proof, because it has become a matter for the subjectivity of one of their charlatans and “experts.” Knowing this about their nature makes a person a direct threat to such a system, which is just one reason why they are willing to fraudulently commit people in order to control them.

Expect this problem to get much worse, unless and until something is done to reign in the abuse of power in this nation.

The psychiatric police state is the real threat, suffered by people living under totalitarianism. All one has to do to decide whether or not this threat exists in their own society is to look around and objectively determine whether the society that they are living in has totalitarian characteristics. If it does, then the likelihood is that the psychiatric community is an extension and expression of this system and has little, if anything, to do with actually helping people deal with the problems of mental health.

Signs of a marriage between the psychiatric and the legal systems makes things even more clear. When a society weds these two systems together and there are indications of significant corruption in both, then that is a definite indicator something is wrong, and can be used as proof that one is now living in a totalitarian nation that employs psychiatry as a weapon in the police state structure.

This is the tool that they will effectively use to purge the government of freethinking people that might develop the scruples to blow the whistle and challenge the ones who are actually pulling everyone into the collective insanity that we so often see under totalitarianism.  These methods can and should be rejected by people who wish to remain free, by providing some push back and understanding of how this system is developing in order to bypass the traditional legal notions of due process and the admonition that we have for thought crimes.

The current state of psychiatry and our society is entirely unacceptable for anyone who wishes to remain free.


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