Remember Telemarketers?

Telemarketers used to be the lowest of the low.  A person would be sitting down for a nice meal with the family, when the home phone would ring.  He would get up and answer it, so not to miss an important phone call, only to be met with some schmuck on the other end of the line who either tried to rip him off or sell him something for which he had no use. Needless to say, these people were not highly regarded. They were considered low-lives and pieces of human garbage by regular people.

Today, there is a similar phenomenon. In this fast paced world, where the enjoyment in most things seems to have been squeezed out of existence by those who were employing all the telemarketers of the 1980s and 1990s and managed to cheat their way to the top, gaming a corrupt system and dominating the political landscape with such chicanery, most people look to the internet to seek some sort of solace and relaxation, as well as to find information and entertainment. When normal folks sit down at the end of their long days ready to take in what use to be an enjoyable exercise, they find that one of their last sources of pleasure in the world has been inundated by Orwellian shitbags, as they are met by shills whom are shilling for the fascist corporatist model that allows so many welfare queens to exist high up in the board rooms of the major corporations and financial powerhouses, in the public and non-profit sector, and out in the streets on the dole.

The worst form of welfare to exist is promoted through this desire to string puppets along by controlling people’s means of survival, and it comes in the form of this ridiculous make work program that pays degenerates to post fake comments and troll the hell out of real folks, like the patriarchs of the families of yesteryear who tried to enjoy their dinners with a type of family that no longer exists in the world because of the soulless worms who have elevated money over what’s real. This is simply not a sustainable model and might go a long way in explaining the current federal debt.

Yep, the worthless and rather robotic telemarketers of the past have become the government shills and trolls in the media today. I liken them both to the cockroach. Perhaps shining a light on these types of vermin might go a long way in cleaning up the problems that we have had with respect to the ability of people to enjoy those little things in life without all the modern inconveniences that have been contrived by those who detest the very idea of their slaves finding enjoyment in any nook or cranny on the face of the planet, let alone cyberspace.

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions


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