Are You a Part of the Sixth Column? If So What Kind of Sixth Columnist Are You?

The term sixth column has to different, diametrically opposed definitions. The definition for the sixth column includes:

“1: the aggregate of persons in a country at war who assist the subversive activities of the fifth column by defeatist talk, the spreading of rumors, and other activities that weaken resistance or appease the enemy
2: a group organized to combat the fifth column”

As you can see if describes two different types of people.

On one hand, it can be used to describe the traitors that many people have come to know as government trolls and shills, as their activity is designed to aid the subversive activities of the scum who have declared war against the United States, its institutions, and its foundational ideology, in favor of what they think is globalist supremacy.  Basically, sixth columnists of this type represent the information warfare or psychological warfare arm of an enemy that is actively subverting a nation.

On the other hand, it can be used to describe those people who fight being under occupation, or under the threat of occupation, by forces that are dependent upon the help of the Quislings and Benedict Arnolds who sell their nation out in order to help an enemy subvert it and declare war on their fellow citizens, for the sake of their own survival, or because of their fanatical views and ideological sympathies to such an enemy.

We can see two types of people being developed today, sixth columnist of two different varieties who are in opposition to one another. Those traitors who wish to support the occupation and help rip this nation asunder because they have been so brainwashed by the fifth columnists who took over the education system, the media, and the political system are the first variety, while the patriots and citizens who respect the foundational ideology of the United States represent the second variety.

All those who are operating media, channels on Youtube, or who are otherwise engaged in the information war that is ongoing for the heart and minds of the larger population must now ask this; “what kind of sixth columnist are you?” Clearly, the reason for the information warfare and propaganda of the enemy is two-fold; (1) to get you to join the treasonous sixth column, or (2) at least convince you that someone else is looking out for your interests while they finish putting their pieces on the board.  It is the job of true Americans and people who do not wish to become a 5th or 6th columnist of the treasonous variety to stand up and counteract their messages and do everything in their power to stop this assault on our nation.

I know which kind of sixth columnist I am, as I have absolutely no tolerance and respect for treason and the cowardice that enables it. What kind of sixth columnists do you want to be? Are you an brave and decent American or just a pathetic piece of garbage who sells out their nation and joins the chorus of paid government shills and psyops agents wishing to bury you and your nation?

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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