Concentrically Shrinking Spoken Word

Tonight, I was speaking to a person whom I didn’t know over the phone, because someone that I do know put me on the line with them.  I explained a little bit about my situation, and the person with whom I was speaking said that he was familiar with some of my work.  He then started to direct the conversation onto a path whereby he was justifying a position where he seemed to be taking the stance that it isn’t worth spending the time trying to convince people about what’s wrong with the system, and that people who aren’t aware are willfully ignorant, so it is not worth the risk to try to help people who are buying into the overabundant lies and distortions that are fed to them.

I stated that at that point it is no longer about warning other people about the danger they are in or trying to explain the risk to them.  It is about the fact that your personal rights are being trampled and that you have to even worry about the dangers associated with engaging in discourse with other people, that this is a slippery slope which leads to exactly what we have today, which is fewer people who are willing to engage in discourse on any level that will educate and enlighten others, and that eventually other, less problematic, types of speech will be targeted.

When the power structure has progressed to a point where any legitimate speech can be targeted, what’s to stop those who are limiting one type of speech from targeting other modes of speech, like speaking about the weather, saying hello to your neighbor, or spreading gossip, you know, the types of speech that most of the idiots who the person that I was speaking to feels are unworthy of the risk?

Personally, I do not like to see the spheres of acceptable speech shrink concentrically, even if it hasn’t yet touched upon the type of speech which I like to participate in at that time, because it will only be a matter of time.

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