The Modern Day Peanut Gallery Helps To Enslave Us All

Historically, the peanut gallery consisted of the cheapest seats in the house, where tight-knit groups of rambunctious theater goers would often sit. From there, they would demonstrate their impressive heckling skills by jeering loudly and throwing peanuts at the stage. A few other interesting items about the peanut gallery are worth noting. One, it was also called the Gods because of the elevation of the cheap seats in which it sat in relation to the stage and the rest of the theater, as well as the amazing mythical art that was often painted on the ceiling of these theaters. And two, The Howdy Dowdy Show adopted this term to describe its studio audience full of children, calling them “peanuts,” once again popularizing the term.

Surely, there are some comparisons to be made between the peanut gallery and today’s government shills, trolls, and online perps. For instance, (1) these paid operatives loudly disrupt the free flow of ideas and the ongoing speech that takes place on the stage we call the internet; (2) they are mentally equivalent to children and often like to make crude jokes to cover for their emotional insecurity and the fact that they have sold their souls; (3) they are now positioned to see some amazing pieces of art work; and (4) believe themselves to be Gods because of the impunity that they have been able to operate with when it comes to disrupting one of our most cherished and fundamental rights.

However, there are some important differences that should also be noted. Yesterday’s peanut gallery behaved the way that it did on of its own volition and without government mandates or funding; it became part of the fun and tradition of the theater and wasn’t designed to marginalize entire segments of the population that it disagreed with; and finally, it was not really intended to annihilate the free speech rights of those participating in public political speech. Therefore, I don’t think that today’s online peanut gallery is an innocent or fun as the days of Vaudeville, or the beginning of kids television programming. In fact, I believe it is much worse and much more evil.

Somehow, I just don’t think that the founders would have approved of government expenditure for a high tech, multibillion dollar industry, designed specifically for heckling people who are not going along with the communist agenda, which incidentally, I don’t think they would have approved of either. Basically, all the shilling, trolling, and perping online, in the social media, and in other types of media, would be the equivalent to the government purchasing all of the seats in the upper gallery of a theater when someone was going to put on an anti-government play, purchasing a large amount of peanuts, and encouraging those with whom they contracted to sit in the seats it had purchased to use those peanuts as missiles directed at the cast members of the play, hoping to discourage the cast, crew, and audience from coming back to that theater for further showings.

The purpose of this type of behavior on the part of government would be to limit the number of people who would receive a message with which the government disapproved, and to discourage further works that might be in the same genre from being commissioned or created. This would be the equivalent of using government clout and treasure to shut down dissent, which is a clear abridgment of free speech, as well as a clear violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. What makes it even more despicable is the fact that it is carried out specifically to attack political speech, which the founders thought to be critical to the public’s discourse and ability to maintain a representative republic with strong democratic institutions.

There is a particularly extreme example of this that one might consider. Abraham Lincoln was shot in a balcony at Ford’s Theater by an assassin who was unhappy with his politics and the turn of events concerning the then recent surrender by Robert E. Lee at Appomattox. Now, this is not entirely the same thing, because the missile that pierced Lincoln’s skull was a .44 caliber shot fired from an actor at the theater, John Wilkes Booth, while Lincoln was an member of the audience. However, it should be noted that this came directly after Booth was an audience member in a speech Lincoln gave from the Balcony of the White House concerning suffrage for the former slaves.

Therefore, the Lincoln assassination was clearly an extreme version of what happens when governments and their sympathizers wish to silence others, since Booth was a member of the Confederate Secret Service, and it looks like the Confederates entertained the notion of at least kidnapping Lincoln as a tactic for turning the tide of the war. Thus, murder can and does factor into plans to silence others, as I believe it has today, with the deaths of Breitbart and Hastings, to name a few.

Despite the truth in the above statements, we have people in government today, many of whom happen to be paid shills, trolls, perps, government sympathizers, and members of the U.S. government’s secret services, advocating for the use of what is effectively the twenty first century version of the peanut gallery.

First, these people are high on their sense of power and believe that they are Gods, but not only are they sitting in the presence of great art and the free flow of ideas, they are actively censoring that art and discouraging the future production of ideas.  Not only can their work be compared to that of the peanut gallery, but when it comes to the censorship and discouragement of future ideas, they can also be compared to abortion doctors, the creations that they abort are the living testimony of man.  The spoken word, literature, poetry, movies, and other forms of art are all things that they seek to destroy, preferably before they are born.

Second, these people are cheap. Although they would not believe themselves to be the equivalent of the riffraff that is associated with the peanut gallery, because they get paid hefty sums to engage in this behavior, getting paid to shill, troll, and perp means that these people have the cheapest seats of all in the global art theater known as the internet.  Time is money. While everyone else has to allocate what little time that they have left after conducting their other day to day activities, and while they expend something to come to the show, these people get a free seat, and are actually paid for the time that they spend disrupting everyone else, whether they be in the audience or the equivalent to the cast and crew on the stage. Not only that, but the government pays for their concessions as they hurl it into the crowd and up on stage. I wonder when they will realize that the government is feeding them crap and asking them to hurl it at everyone else, like animals of a lower order.

Last, people are losing their lives over what they do and say. These government lackeys are in the best position to understand exactly how serious this is, how many people’s rights are being stepped on, and where this is all leading; but do they put a stop to it or do the right thing? Not that I have seen. It appears that those who are working in this manner are fine with it as long as it is happening to someone else, and they can still get some level of enjoyment from the internet, everyone else be damned. Does it matter to them that the person who is being censored and stepped on, may also be threatened, harassed, assaulted, and tortured in other ways, in addition to the feeling of being neutered that having ones First Amendment violated inspires? No. . .

And this is why it is likely that the desire to silence others is likely to result in more bloodshed, because when governments recognize that they can get away with such gross acts of tyranny and oppression, it emboldens them to take even more extreme measures, particularly when the despicable actions that it has already taken results in a scenario where people are waking up en masse and willing to correct the source of the repression that they are feeling.

The White House yard is pretty small in comparison to the world wide web. The ability of President Lincoln to reach his audience was nothing compared to the lightning speed of fiber optic cables and microwave towers to carry a message from a nobody to everybody. One great man was shot at Ford’s Theater in an attempt to prevent truth and righteousness from prevailing. How many great men will be killed in an effort to prevent the truth and righteousness from prevailing today? Will we remain free, or we enter a realm of technological slavery? If we do, the peanut gallery of today will share responsibility and the blood of the victims will be on their hands.


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