Shillertatia is an island containing deep underground bases that are fortified and filled with office cubicles in which the globalist government’s shills and trolls work.  It’s located in this secret location because they wish to commit their assaults on the free-thinking, liberty-loving, and socially conscious members of society, without facing any repercussions for their dastardly acts that are designed to destroy truth and knowledge about anything other than the inane and banal, like Beyonce’s ass and Lady Gaga’s vomit fetish.

An alternative name for it is The Island of Pedos, as it also houses remote retreats for the criminal psychopaths for which the despicable inhabitants of the island shill.  It is where “anyone who is anyone” in the global elite goes to get away and entertain their baser instincts, things that regular members of society find deplorable, ofter with the very trolls and shills who are put to work in the underground shillery. Basically, it is where the shills, trolls, and apologists meet their masters to engage in coitus.


My inspiration for the idea comes from Libertatia, which is a possible colony of pirates and anarchists that was founded and thought to have existed in the late 17th century.  However, the true responsibility for the origination of an idea concerning such a place stems from the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, following a meeting on Jekyll Island and creation of the Aldrich Plan in 1910.  None of the current schemes and crimes, including attempts to abridge free speech by flooding the social media with paid trolls and shills, which are being committed by the globalists today, would be possible without a fiat currency that they can manipulate and control to subvert governments and dominate the corporate world.


In many ways, Shillertatia is like Pleasure Island, the theme park that was featured in the 1940 movie Pinocchio, which was owned and operated by The Coachman, who lured mischievous boys to the island and capitalized off of their bad nature by turning them into jack asses and trafficking them for profit.  This is very much like what the globalists do, as they entice people into working for them, often in violation of local laws, allowing them to get away with what normal law abiding citizens can’t, while blood cementing those who go along with them to their own heinous crimes.  Once you are criminally complicit with these crimes, they own you.

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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