Muslim Brotherhood: A Shia Subversion and Destablization Tool?

Muslim Brotherhood

I find it interesting that a group that supposedly is interested in Sunni domination, the Muslim Brotherhood, would have such close ties to Iran, which is dominated by the official state religion, the Twelver Shia branch of Islam.

It occurs to me, that at some point in time the Muslim Brotherhood may have been subverted by Shia Muslims, who are now using the Muslim Brotherhood as a tool to subvert the Middle Eastern monarchies, as well as states with heavy Sunni influence, in preparation for an attempt to build a new Islamic caliphate.

Members in the Muslim Brotherhood might be duped into believing that the new caliphate that they are working to build will be democratically elected, while those who are at the top of the leadership structure are simply feeding them that lie, while fully intending that the head of the caliphate will be selected by “Allah” through the self-appointed leadership centered in Iran.

Salafi Al-Nour Party

The supposedly Sunni aspects of the Muslim Brotherhood could now simply be a way to make inroads and obtain useful idiots who are willing to fulfill the purpose of those who are directing the Brotherhood’s leadership, while feeding them lies about the democratic tendencies of the movement, claiming that it is democratic when it really isn’t, while it’s simply using the desire for more democratization on the part of people in the nations it seeks to subvert as a point of recruitment and a way to get large amounts of people to carry out the group’s underlying agenda.

The more one looks at it, the more it seems that this group’s intention is to directly challenge the Sunni influence of Saudi Arabia and Western interests in the Middle Eastern region, which leads one to wonder why exactly would Obama have been such an huge proponent and initial supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, speaking along the same talking points with respect to democratization, which are no doubt fed to the lower level dupes of the Brotherhood movement, when he spoke to Americans about his administration’s initial support for the Arab Spring, which was triggered by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.


This raises another question, Western interests helped fund and back the Brotherhood in many cases. Could it be that they had a similar interest in using the Brotherhood as a tool for subversion and destabilization, but were outplayed by those who were already using the Brotherhood for such goals, and in fact, the West was duped into supporting a group who’s interests in the region were actually used to promote interests opposite of what the West intended to use the group to accomplish? Could it be that some of the people in the Obama administration knew it, and that is exactly why it sat on its hands during the Iranian protests, yet offered overwhelming support to protesters during the Arab Spring?

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