Joint Force 2020: The Blueprint For New World Order Global Enforcement


Joint Force 2020 is the blueprint for further converting the U.S. military completely into the New World Order’s globalist enforcer and a step to developing a single military police force to respond to any local or regional problem that may challenge the supremacy of this international world government that they are in the process of building.

American conflicts since Vietnam have all been geared toward completing this objective, and in fact, much of what was done there, and has been done since, with respect to the U.S. military, was designed to push the American military further along a trajectory that those who have subverted the U.S. government view as inevitable.  It can also be seen as a perfecting of tactics and strategies that will be deployed by the international order to attack any individual or group that challenges the global order that is being built.

The attack on “conspiracy theorists” in the social media is merely a part of the full spectrum dominance that is to be deployed to further the aims of the globalists, and exists as an example of how they wage war against individuals who are challenging the rising international structure of world government.

Furthermore, the handing over of the internet to the international community is par for the course in terms of furthering these objectives, and it is very much a part of the same agenda that is pushing Joint Force 2020. It represents the move towards handing the informational portion of their war fighting efforts (which really includes the serious curtailment of the free speech rights of individuals) over to the internationalists for two purposes; (1) it is designed to help deflect blame and provide cover for the use of U.S. cyber-warriors and U.S. intelligence agencies against civilians who are exercising their First Amendment rights in America; and (2) it is a preparation toward handing those very agencies and institutions over to the internationalists and putting them under the authority of international command.


The writing is on the wall, which is very much why there is a race to try to destroy those elements in the United States which are speaking out against these disturbing trends, while simultaneously running false flags in an attempt to get Americans to agree to disarmament.  Obviously, the citizens that exist in the nation which the internationalists used as their den, hollowing out its traditions, institutions, media, and treasury to further these aims represents the greatest threat to the New World Order, which is why we are under such heavy attack, covertly, overtly, propagandistically, economically, and legalistically.


The sooner that those coming under attack realize what it is that is happening, the better off they are going to come out in the long run, in terms of protecting that which is important, which is the conservation of the values and rights which most directly threaten those who would turn the U.S. military into a tool to be used and absorbed of by international order in order to push worldwide totalitarianism, i.e. the New World Order.

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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