FBI’s Sovereign Citizen Controlled Opposition Group Likely Tied to TI Program


You see, the government has an interest in drumming up hatred for people who are now questioning the system.  They’ve either created or exploited the existence of a group of individuals who take it to an extreme level and they go out of their way to push certain people into this group, because their legal advice and defenses against the system are woefully inadequate.  This helps to fracture any movement that challenges the status quo in any meaningful way, because some people will make the mistake of being drawn into their controlled opposition instead of finding meaningful ways of fighting back.

The growth of the group itself, which they likely created by pushing marginalized people into it, will provide them with another group of individuals that they can demonize and fearmonger to inspire a dumbed-down public to hate.  The negative association they develop in the public’s mind against this group they created and used as a fearmongering tool will also allow them to marginalize some other fringe elements who are not a part of the group and don’t identify with it, yet who express certain ideas that may be similar to that group on some level.

In extreme cases, they might choose to assassinate a person and then close the book on the case in the mind of a manipulated public by simply tying an individual that they targeted to that group.  Of course, through the targeting process that they use on individuals, they may even manipulate the person to engage in the types of behaviors that might make it easier to label the individual in such a way, so it is easier to justify the violation of the rights of that individual.  Finally, after killing the person, they might seek to promote the moral exclusion of that individual and their controlled opposition group as a way to further demonize them and those people who they want to associate with them, so that further killings can commence without the public stopping to think about it or even bothering to care.

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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