Attacks on Free Speech and Internet Communications Are a Part of Full Spectrum Dominance


If attacks on free speech and internet communications are part of globalist plans for full spectrum dominance of the world population, and represent a specific attack on the informational field of those that they seek to dominate, then part of the funding for government shilling, trolling, and propaganda must partially come from the black budgets of the agencies and institutions that are involved with this tanking of the public discourse for sixth column purposes.

That means perhaps the best way to fight this is for citizens to call their congressmen and congresswomen and ask for them to start a congressional investigation into these matters, and most definitely audit the budgets of these agencies, looking specifically for the funding trail.  There should also be an investigation into the international source of some of this funding as well, because much of the money is being sent offshore and later introduced via offshore sources to deliberately obfuscate the paper trail and hide those at the top who are funding the madness, which any person can realistically view by merely clicking through to virtually any online medium today.


The objective is to gain complete control of one of the most powerful mediums known to man, so that it can be manipulated with gatekeepers, marketing experts, and propaganda departments in much the same way that television, radio, magazines, and billboards were controlled in the post World War II era.  This is dangerous in the sense that it would allow for another long epoch of mind control and public manipulation in order to keep citizens in check under a global government, stagnating thought and preventing the natural evolution of man’s destiny, in favor of a destiny chosen by those who are seeking to control the discourse, which despite claims made by hypocrites, and given their penchant for political violence and mass mind manipulation, anyone can tell is not in humanity’s best interest.

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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