Are You an American or Are You a Perp?

financial terrorismWe have entered a phase of the warfare against the American people and the American economic system, whereby countless people are having their lives destroyed and are seeking the help and support of other individuals.  Some of that support may come in the form of someone taking a person in and allowing them to pay a rent that they can afford, given their circumstances.  Laws are being passed where the stated purpose of the law is meant to hide the true invidiousness behind them, which is to attack those people who are trying to stand up against the illegalities of the current government and who are having their lives destroyed as a result.  Protecting health and property values is simply cover for the criminal intent of those who are pushing laws against the poor and the homeless, many of whom where doing quite well prior to 2008.
New laws, regulations, and policies need to be taken in the context of everything else that is going on right now.  For example, what I am saying here makes a lot of sense when one looks at the recent attacks by government on people who are trying to feed and shelter the homeless under the guise of promoting health and public safety.  Along those lines, I could support a reading of the laws concerning when deadly force can be used by the police and promote a departmental policy, which on the surface appears to follow previous court precedent, but is really designed to permit the provoked extermination of certain members of the population, and claim that the policy was meant to protect the police and the public, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’d be promoting policies designed to exterminate certain citizens whom are deemed to be problematic and whom can conveniently be baited into taking a kill shot.


There is a political class who are coming under attack in this nation.  The rampant shootings carried out by the police against homeless people and other classes of citizens, as well as the massive attempt to normalize this behavior is part of this effort, and it should scare everybody who has some understanding of history, especially where it concerns political violence and repression.

The National Socialist German Workers’ Party actually promoted the marginalization and destruction of certain classes of citizens, which means they were responsible for the very types of thinking and activities that I deride here.  Interestingly, I am not entirely unconvinced that ethnic considerations are not related to the current targeting of Americans, as I think what we are seeing is not only political persecution, but also a continuation of eugenics policies that were shelved and hidden from view in the U.S. as a result of the logical application of their ideology.


In some cases, people have been looking out for one another to a certain degree, and it has been getting in the way of the creation of the very problems that statists wish to address by opening up more institutions by which to process, house, and strip citizens who are opposed to totalitarianism and the current loss of their rights, to effectively neutralize political enemies through imprisonment and marginalization.

The recognition that some people have concerning this problem, as well as their willingness to help those whom are being attacked makes me extremely proud of my nation and the people in it.  However, once again, we are witnessing measures which are being taken to target loyal Americans and combat the trend toward speaking out against these abuses, as well as the willingness of people to help those who are being targeted by it, as the treason in this nation continues to run rampant.  The willingness of some to participate in this anti-American conduct disgusts me.


The strides taken by regular Americans to protect those who are being attacked by wicked people who promote this kind of cowardice would be much more effective if people who are in positions of responsibility and power would offer the same level of support and outrage concerning what is occurring as their constituents.

Won’t someone in a position of power develop some scruples and do something to help disrupt the weaponization of the local, state, and federal governments that is being carried out to deprive people of their basic rights, like a roof over their head?  People with dignity and self-respect want nothing to do with anything this criminal government is pushing, which at this point can be recognized as both lawlessness and the complete control over the destiny of citizens, as if they are nothing more than the chattel property of the state.  Isn’t there anyone in government who has dignity and self-respect that is willing to start tackling these issues?


Many of those who are ending up destitute today, including myself, are those who are unwilling to compromise with this lawlessness and the attempt to enslave us all.  This is a fact that people need to consider when new laws, regulations, and policies are being pushed to further enhance the position of those who are currently benefiting from the existing corruption, as well as the inevitable evil that results from legalistic schemes designed to protect the perp class who have sold this nation out for their own benefit, at the expense of their betters.


I put these questions to people who consider themselves to be American.  Are you an American or are you a pathetic governmental perp?  Are you a traitor to the nation that you live in and the human race in general?  Are you the equivalent to a Quisling or a collaborationist with a foreign occupation like the Vichy French?  Won’t you please join the right side of history, which incidentally does not lie with complying with the criminal class that is currently leading this nation of ours into oblivion?

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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