Republicans and Cliven Bundy Don’t Have Anything on Democrats and Jim Jones

Much hubbub was made recently concerning Republican politicians and commentators and the support that they offered Cliven Bundy during his stand against armed Bureau of Land Management agents last month. This came after Adam Nagourney of the New York Times produced quotes that made it possible to depict Cliven Bundy as a racist and smear anyone associated with the state’s right movement concerning massive property holdings of the federal government in western states, or any freedom loving conservative for that matter, as a racist sympathizer or fool.

Once again the left is exposing their massive hypocrisy. Lest we forget about the Democratic Party’s close ties, support, and use of Reverend Jim Jones’ followers back in the 1970s. This was much more than prominent politicians getting caught up in the fray of a fight that exemplified and focused the feelings that the American people had been developing regarding the government that was being created, which seems to value collectivism over individuality. This association is at the heart of the Democratic Party and those who associated with this man and supported him are now prominent members of the political establishment in Washington D.C., including Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi.

Jim Jones was central to Bay Area politics prior to convincing over a thousand of his followers to move to Guyana and try to work out the bugs in the mind control programming so necessary for the leftist political machinery that such Marxists have been working hard to build in the United States, since the early 20th century. It wasn’t until this experiment in communitarian living and collectivism, which no doubt, the Democrats have tried to incorporate into their party brand, went awry, resulting in the murder of nearly a thousand men, women, and children, including a congressman who was investigating this Democrat Party operative, that Democrats distanced themselves and worked to erase history, so that people could forget about their associations with this evil man who was the embodiment of everything that the left now represents.

The quoted text that follows underneath this paragraph represents is an excellent expose on the link between the Democrats and the Jim Jones cult. I find it interesting that this Jonesque psychology has been scaled up and has been very much centered about the unknown political figure and cult leader who they ran for president in 2008, named Barack Obama, who has been busy destroying the United States since his victory in the Presidential race in that year, in many cases using some of the same cult tactics to get the job done. Hopefully, this scaled up version of Jonestown will not end with the kind of scaled-up disaster that one might expect. However, at the moment, things aren’t looking so good, as this administration is doing everything that it can to bring the unwilling into the fold and get them blood-cemented to the crimes of treason that have been carried out under Obama. Perhaps the only thing saving this nation from that scaled-up catastrophe is the fact that such a large percentage of the population is not complicit in the collectivism and evil that they offer. Only time will tell.

Here is an excerpt from the piece authored by Dr. Melvin Johnson entitled, “The Jonestown Guyana Tragedy No One Wants to Talk About.”

Of particular interest to politicians was the Temple’s ability to produce 2,000 people for work or attendance in San Francisco with only six hours’ notice.”

Rev. Jones’ ability to mobilize so many people, so quickly… who were willing to do practically anything he instructed them to do for the Democratic Party was one of the most cost-effective political machinery strategies ever! Having started his California church in Ukiah, Rev. Jones expanded his influence throughout the state with churches in at least six other major cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento! His influence in the black community apparently raised the ire of many of the African American leaders including the Nation of Islam. However, this process is neither new nor unique. The marriage between the Democratic Party and the black church had become a well-recognized tradition, from the Northeast to the Deep South, with the western states being even more influenced! It has been obvious that the politicians had become more interested in the political benefits than the well-being of the church members.

Therefore, this provokes an interesting question: at what point did Pelosi, Feinstein and other Democratic Party stalwarts begin to reject Rev. Jim Jones’ ideology and his quest for power, or did they? None of the Democratic Party leadership appeared to care how Rev. Jones handled the members as long as he produced voters and campaign workers! To benefit them, Rev. Jones commanded The People’s Temple members to work tirelessly with robotic devotion. Corey Buscher, former press secretary to the late Mayor George Moscone stated that Rev. Jones “made his followers available to support progressive Democrat candidates.” He also recognized that Rev. Jones “offered thousands of ‘foot soldiers’ willing to walk precincts and get out the vote… an offer no politician in his right mind could refuse.” Another political power broker had stated that “If you were having a rally for a presidential candidate, you need to fill up the crowd, you could always get busloads from Jim Jones’ church.”

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