What If a Civil Rights Group Had a Federal Informer Commit a Hate Crime?

Hypothetically speaking, what if a so-called civil rights organization that was really just a left-wing commie front group was losing credibility, and the ideological movement behind that organization was taking a beating because a pro-rights, pro-liberty movement had just won a public relations victory by confronting bullies in government that are destroying people’s lives, and the organization wanted to gain credibility as a key source in demonizing pro-rights groups, so it used connections it had to get a member of a hate group to gun down some people as part of that effort?  What if they had been trying to tie that hate group to members of the pro-rights group for years as a way to demonize that movement, and some members of the public are actually brain-dead enough to believe their propaganda, and the timing of the event was meant to cement the hate-killing to associations that those they influence have with the pro-rights movement?

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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