The Pulitzer Act

People often wonder what the government or religion of the New World Order might look like. To be sure, one should look around at the events of the world today to get a glimpse, as the current system, and how it is being run by well-connected insiders today, is heavily steeped in the worldview of those who subscribe to such a death-cult. Notable among those with memberships in organizations like the Trilateral Commission or the Council on Foreign Relations is their use of the Hegelian Dialectic and their belief in Ordo ab Chao to accomplish the intricate workings of their agenda.

Rarely do analysts who look at the work of such powerful people apply the concept of problem/reaction/solution to what is happening to the media in order to try to get a feel for where things are going in a very important area for the globalists, the media. That is not entirely true because the media is already seen as an important factor in generating the reaction component of the Hegelian Dialectic necessary to arrive at the solution that benefits those who are employing this method.


What I am saying is that it is not too often that people look into how this formula is being used to fundamentally change the nature of the news and how it is presented to the people in a way that fits the overall agenda. I feel that this often gets missed or glossed over, perhaps because of how media outlets are already being used for societal control and the manipulation of the public to accept aspects of the globalists game plan. Because of this, I feel that people may be missing an extremely important element to how this New World Order agenda fits together.

Therefore, I would like to discuss this now in an attempt to bring some of these things to the attention of people who may still have scruples enough to care, people who are already sick of the propaganda and intense stream of lies that are delivered to “news consumers” in order to shape their perspective concerning how all of this New World Order nonsense is playing out.

Clearly, the power elite seems to be taking a beating with respect to the multitude of alternative news sources that have popped up to challenge the conventional wisdom offered by the main stream presstitutes, which have been showing excessive signs of governmental and corporate control, for some time. However, it is clear that many of the outlets who are being elevated above the rest in the alternative media are merely helping to pattern a new paradigm, and it is very rare that anything earth shattering breaks that has the potential to bring down the current power players, and even if it does, nothing ever happens to those who are at the center of numerous scandals.

The whole point of the Fourth Estate was to uncover abuses by government, in order to allow the citizens to use such information to rectify those problems by taking action to hold those in power responsible. Obviously, this hasn’t been working recently, as time and time again we see those in key positions get away with flagrantly abusing their power.


This creates a situation whereby people have become marginalized, and therefore, become more reactionary. This reactionary environment has allowed for a specific type of news outlet to flourish, seemingly so, although it would appear that many people in that information field who are not controlled in some manner and will release information that hasn’t been cleared by the controllers are being censored.

At the same time that the main stream media has completely lost all credibility and these reactionary news sources have flourished, the power elite has allowed foreign news outlets to enter the scene and completely thrive due to the vacuum created by the loss of anything that even remotely looks like the type of objective news reporting that people came to expect. For quite a while, Russia Today became one of the best sources of news concerning some very important workings of the U.S. Government, particularly concerning the abuses of the national security state and the intelligence apparatus.

I always found it to be quite odd that I was getting some of my most reliable information from a Russian outlet, as opposed to the American press, especially given the fact that the American media is clearly taking orders from those that RT was reporting on with such vigor. I would have thought that the intelligence services would have been better at putting out controlled information in order to keep drawing the usual audiences, so that they could more effectively spin the news that was being reported by sources hostile to the news controllers. However, that wasn’t the case. Instead, it appears like there was more of a stand down order on the American media to allow media outlets, like RT and Al Jazeera, to gain more of a foothold in America.

Keep in mind that all of this was culminating at the same time that you many other events were converging. For instance, the revelation of mass surveillance of citizens by the National Security Agency , the destabilization of Ukraine, and the rise of the patriot movement inside the United States, who are increasingly getting their news from reactionary sources, which often site the foreign media outlets that were doing some of the best reporting at that time.


Now that there is a potential crisis in the foreign sphere, which historically allows for the executive to take wide latitude with respect to issues on the domestic front, we are seeing destabilization attempts and potential scenarios which have been created by U.S. federal agencies in order to pigeonhole those people in the patriot movement as domestic terrorists, with simultaneous rumblings about how those reactionary sources in the alternative media are responsible for their actions. In addition to all this, we are now seeing calls from people high up in the administration claiming that the United States is losing the information war to those foreign sources who may have been deliberately allowed to achieve an upper hand on the U.S. front with respect to news reporting.

This “problem” of foreign dominance in terms of credible news reporting appears to have been created deliberately, while reactionary sources may have been instructed to play an instrumental role in riling up domestic turbulence. Now, there are committees in Congress looking at the issue that the U.S. government is losing the information war.

I fear that the result of any “investigation” into this claim is going to be a far cry worse than the despicable reporting that we have seen in recent years by the main stream media in America, and that they are getting ready to consolidate yet another major industry here in the United States, the American news media, while clamping down on the free speech rights of individuals, as they point to both foreign and domestic instability as the reason for taking such action.

It should be noted that relatively recently the U.S. government ended prohibitions concerning broadcasting propaganda to U.S. audiences through the outlets that had been created to soften up foreign audiences to U.S. foreign policy interests in areas of the world that are of strategic importance. Furthermore, there have been recent moves to put monitors into the news rooms to evaluate reporting criteria.

I fear that we are either going to end up with one major news outlet, the same news outlets that we have today with more federal involvement by way of a propaganda minister, or more government money being allocated to pay for news generators as well as government shills, trolls, and perps in the media, only exacerbating an already huge encroachment by the U.S. government into the areas of free speech and the press, the de facto abridgment of the First Amendment by increasing the noise level by washing out the information field with speech that is paid for with billions of dollars of fiat currency printed by an irresponsible and dangerous government.

To conclude, it looks like the media of the New World Order is going to look a lot worse than the despicable media that we have today and that many of the elements that have been the cause for so much complaint is going to be institutionalized and brought above board during the crises that the master manipulators are creating, in order to grab more power. Much of the problems that we currently have may have been deliberately created in order to justify actions that will only make these problems worse, as is usually the case concerning anything that these people do. The Patriot Act was the name of the legislation passed in a knee-jerk reaction following the September 11th attacks, which eviscerated much of our Constitution, particularly our Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections. I think America can do without a Pulitzer Act written and passed by these same criminals?


Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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