The Powers That Be Aren’t Just Targeting Private Property and State Property

The powers that be aren’t just targeting private property and state property.  That’s right folks.  It looks like some people are up to their old tricks of betraying the American Indian and stealing land from them.  How many times are these people going to be betrayed?  The term “Indian-giver” has nothing to do with the nature of the Indians, but rather the fact that those who have been dealing with them for years have repeatedly given something to them only to take it away later.
The land grabs in which Cliven Bundy is at center do not stop at the private property rights of citizens within the states.  The states are supposed to be sovereign, so too are the Indian nations.  We have seen how much has been done to undermine sovereignty to push forward toward a globalist agenda.
What follows is an important part of the agenda and must be taken in the context of everything else that is being done and viewed for the tactical maneuver that it is.  It is important.  I’m telling you.
The people in the states need to unite with the Indian nations and understand the plight of the Native Americans, as they should have long ago.  The Indian nations are every bit as involved in the fight against a corrosive and corrupt federal government as cattle ranchers and others who are having their property taken from them through heavy-handed and surreptitious means.
“Cayuga Indian Nation of New York v. Pataki, 413 F.3d 266 (2d Cir. 2005), is an important precedent in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit for the litigation of aboriginal title in the United States. Applying the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling in City of Sherrill v. Oneida Indian Nation of New York (2005), a divided panel held that the equitable doctrine of laches bars all tribal land claims sounding in ejectment or trespass, for both tribal plaintiffs and the federal government as plaintiff-intervenor. . .

This precedent has effectively ended the viability of all aboriginal title litigation in the Second Circuit (Connecticut, New York, and Vermont), the site of nearly all of the unresolved Indian land claims in the United States. Since the ruling, no tribal plaintiff has overcome the laches defense in a land claim in the Second Circuit.”


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