The Alternative Media is a Fool’s Paradise

The Alternative Media is a Fool’s Paradise.

“fool’s paradise

noun: a state of happiness that is based on mistaken beliefs or false ideas”

Today, people are in seventh heaven.  Tomorrow, they will be circling the ninth circle of hell, if they allow charlatans to guide them into the abyss like a bunch of lemmings.

What I suggest is that the alternative media is being used by the same people who control the main stream media to shift the paradigm in such a way that those who are tired of being dupes and going looking for truth can be misdirected and used in much that same way.  The move toward the alternative media by the power elite as a method of social control is basically an expansion of prison privileges, a graduation upward, so as to avoid a prison riot.

I pray that people are smarter than it may seem sometimes and we can go from existing in a fool’s paradise to appropriately and intelligently dealing with the reality as it exists with leadership that truly has the best interest of the people at heart and whom are not themselves being manipulated.

The best way to accomplish this is to understand that reality is something one chooses.  Secrets may exist in that reality, and there may be people who work to manipulate people’s perception of reality in order to hide those secrets, but even then, one can make a conscious choice to live in reality, while understanding the manipulations that are occurring.  The greater the number of people who do that, the harder it is for those with the secrets to manipulate perception to such a degree that most people choose the perceptions that have been contrived for them as opposed to the reality that exists.

If you hit a critical mass of people choosing reality over falsities, then the game is over; there can be no secrets; and those who manipulate the perception of reality are finished.  What do you think this information war that is raging is all about?  It is a war on the minds of individuals who choose reality in favor of creating a collective illusion that can be taken advantage of, directed, and used as a weapon to destroy the outliers within society who may pose a threat to the illusions and the delusions of the collective mind.

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