The Cable News Has Been Trolled and Shilled to Death

The cable news has been trolled and shilled to death, to the point that it is no longer worth watching.  People tend to focus on the alternative media when dealing with trolls and shills.  However, a very real example of its intended effect can be viewed by flipping through the 3 or 4 cable news channels that exist.

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Where I live, we used to get CSPAN, but even it has been removed from the basic cable package, which is merely symptomatic of the power elite’s desire to keep the population misinformed.

Those behind this would like to carry out everything behind the veil and under the cover of darkness.  Therefore, they have worked very hard to create an out of touch irrelevant media, every channel following their specific DOD directives, while preparations to collapse the current system and destabilization efforts take place right under the noses of a public that has been worn down by constant psychological operations and information warfare.  Those who appear to be the most well-adjusted are the ones who don’t pay attention and instead look for entertainment as our nation is turned to a totalitarian nightmare.


Various levels of information exist.  The plan is to get people to feel comfortable with whatever level of information that they expose themselves to, while those who look deep are attacked viciously in order to minimize the cross-contamination of ideas into the lower forms of media, like the cable news networks, which has become eerily similar to the local news programming we have been watching for years.

Infotainment is the order of the day, whether it be “conspiracy theory” broadcasters or the cable news channels who have taken to hiring big-breasted blond women to read from the teleprompter and deliver the state approved “news” to a public that doesn’t seem to care about the state of their country, let alone the information field, prompting someone I told this to compare the newsroom to a whorehouse.

When I watch news, I want someone who is not compromised and willing to say whatever they are told to say as part of an intricate web of information control and public manipulation.  It doesn’t matter what the people look like (however blond bimbos might distract), so long as they are delivering hard news, something that is a thing of the past, and I’m not sure we have ever had it here in the United States.  I think that media has been controlled or influenced from the beginning, at least television news appears to have been, and the disease that existed in that media has crept into all other forms of media, sometimes even making them more corrupt that television news.

The media is definitely being wasted and could do a lot more to actually inform people.  The fact that it isn’t goes to show you something about what the agenda is, especially when taken in context with so many other aspects of today’s society.  Humanity is under assault, and the areas that people look to for answers is often being used to assault them the most.


There is a local television station that is up for sale in my area. I wish I had the money to buy it, because I would forever change the face of media starting with that one station.  Actually, they’d probably hasten my departure from the planet for trying, but I think I’d still change the face of media.  I’d definitely bring back the concept of investigative journalism in local media.

Some suggest that the best skill today is to remain quiet and learn everything possible about the current system, but where the hell is a person’s skills, learning, and remaining quiet going to get them in a world where this agenda succeeds?  A person won’t be able to ever vocalize what it is he or she has learned or tell the truth, because the controllers will have truth and knowledge detectors out on the streets able to pick up the faintest indication of either, and then put someone who speaks with them under the microscope and delivered up for daring to think outside of the established norm.  If they have their way, there will be no way anyone would ever be capable of doing either.

Big Brother

No, the time to think, speak, and act is now. Humanity’s back is against the wall, and if it wishes to survive people had better start taking this war against them seriously and fighting back legally with the rights that they have left.  I am willing to make a stand, but have been so harassed that I could use some help doing it.  As it stands, I am dead in the water.  I’d hate to think that everything I have done to promote truth and knowledge was in vain.  I guess time will tell.
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