New World Psychosocial Order Is Bad For Humans

The New World Order is really various attempts to impose mental, social, physical controls on citizens of many countries to make citizens willfully complicit with evil factions that transcend national borders and are working to get everyone to submit to the kind of totalitarianism that is necessary for the power elite to control all aspects of life, while those responsible reap the bulk of the profits to be made by selling out the nations and their natural resources, paying only a pittance to a brainwashed people whose birthright they have stolen. They will pay only enough to continue to make sure that those who are instrumental in maintaining the hierarchical structure and social controls necessary to maintain dominance will continue to comply. The New World Order suppresses the will of many, bypasses national constitutions, and threatens to destroy the very core of humanity and the emotional well being of a species that is inherently social.


The power players understand the social aspect of humans and therefore seek to use that quality and characteristic as a weapon to impose their order. Much of the hierarchy that has been established by them is directed specifically to manage this aspect of the human condition in order to meet their true objectives. Well-placed operatives have been put into government, organizations, and communities in order to carry out some of the most important work (from their perspective) of manipulating human psychology, to create a sort of Stockholm Syndrome in those whose will they are trying to subjugate, in order to get them to view the system that has been developed by their captors as their saving grace, the only possible means by which they could survive.

Many people are completely dependent upon the mere allowances that they have been given, enough to allow them to survive, often times rather well, so they don’t question the system, or at least won’t develop a will to fight it. Instead, they obey it, even if that means significantly harming others. They let themselves off the hook by telling themselves that they were merely follow orders and that those with authority who are above them are really responsible for the damage that they do themselves. Clearly, they don’t want to be invited to see that they share in the responsibility, and in fact, are possibly more responsible than those above them, because without them none of it would be possible.


Others, people who resent being conned and don’t appreciate having their human qualities suppressed in order to replace it with mechanistic methods that seek to manipulate the human condition for the benefit of a few vampiristic parasites who have been sucking the lifeblood from humanity for far too long, are a very different breed. They react to the methods of social control by doing what humans do best. They express themselves. They allow their humanity and their love to flow in their emotional response to the inhuman system that is being built around them. They try to warn others, hoping that the love that they have for humanity will spread to those around them, and that the insanity that has been impressed upon the people of the world, by the masters of evil, and the pathetic dilettantes who follow them, because of the unique position that doing so has granted them, which allows them to mimic that greater evil, will ultimately be undone. They seek to free humanity, so that what it is they express and the feelings in their own hearts can be shared by those who are selling themselves short and helping to destroy the human condition (so that greed and social manipulation can continue while their birthright is stolen).

Much of the management of the social aspect of the human condition has been put into place to specifically deal with the type of person who would behave in such a way, who would not lay down, take their pittance, and aid in the destruction of other people and the human condition because it is easier for them, or because doing so happens to play to that person’s own perversion, like lust for petty power, some sort of sexual deviancy, or the ability of that person to wallow in one’s own ego. Those who can be manipulated by such things are used to attack those who can’t, and it often gets very ugly, as the complete and utter destruction of those who would threaten such a grand scheme with their desire to remain human is the goal, and is one of the things that the current social construct is designed to achieve.

People like me are seen are an unwanted byproduct of an old way of thinking. They seek us so that things can progress as planned and the human condition can be destroyed, leaving only those who can be manipulated by entertaining only their most primal and baser instincts, in order to allow the theft and destruction of the world to continue.


Those who cannot tolerate people like me, have many tools at their disposal by which to do away with us. My current station in life is merely the culmination of many attempts to use such weapons to effectuate either my assimilation or my destruction. Some would say that I am losing. Those who are aware and have been instrumental in aiding in the attack are the true losers, for I have not lost myself or what it is for which I stand. If I were to either assimilate or to die, those who attack me are some of the people who would lose the most. I wonder how many of them actually understand that.

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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