The Power Elite Is Attempting to Create a Controlled Revolution

The power elite understands that the current system will not hold.  Therefore, they are likely trying to hijack the political and social movements that are growing out of the people’s discontent, after first causing the very situations that displease the citizenry.  Many of the events of today look to be part of an orchestrated plan to bring the United States down using a controlled revolution.  There are various signs of this desire to direct and steer several converging movements, including the patriot movement inside the United States, so that ultimately the real power that is directing these events is not threatened, but merely changes hands with respect to the public face of this evil, while appeasing or pacifying the people who are upset with the current state of affairs.
There is a orchestrated media effort that involves multiple levels within the main stream, alternative, and social media to try to control it.  The question is whether or not people will recognize it for what it is and respond in such a way as to avoid allowing the very people who have manipulated things to this high of a degree and caused the culmination of these events to protect their own power.  Will the people be fooled again?
Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.

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