Raise Your Hand If You Can Even Think Straight Anymore

Raise Your Hand If You Can Even Think Straight Anymore

It seems that this propaganda La-la land that has so many members of the general population willing to sit tight and comply with illegitimate and weaponized government is not only directed at the saps, but some of the more sinister and hardcore methods are being directed towards those who have escaped the simple paradigms, attempting to twist and contort our minds to the point where we don’t know up from down, left from right, good from evil. Wading through all the nonsense gets to be rather tricky at times, especially when the efforts to obfuscate the truth touches so many aspects of our day to day lives. It reminds me of the Moody Blues Poem “Late Lament,” which can be heard here:

Just remember, “we decide which is right, and which is illusion.”

If the proper decision is made individually, and carried out into the larger community by each individual truth seeker, seeing clearing becomes less and less problematic, and solving those problems becomes increasingly possible, even though a deliberate haze is being thrown before us in order to prevent us from fully understanding the real problems or even the nature of our battle.

The goal is to achieve a state whereby the the noise is not drowning out the signal?  Therefore, if the signal being produced has integrity, it will carry through to those who are tuned in to it.

When I look around I see a lot of signals being produced that lack integrity and come across as noise.  When this is reproduced on large proportions, it has the ability to drown those signals that do have integrity.  That is the main purpose for placing so many government shills and liars in the media.  It is an unfortunate aspect of our current culture and makes it difficult to achieve a high signal to noise ratio.

The problem in this day and age is that one cannot simply live and let live because there are those who seek to end the existences of those who simply want to be left alone.  The collective feels that there existence is threatened by such types, and they are probably right, because anyone with any sense can see that is the superior way and will abandon the hive mind, as soon as they figure it out.  It’s probably been like this for ever, but the technological advances and the size and complexity of civilization tends to exacerbate the struggle.  It doesn’t help that those who support the collective have put madmen in charge of them either.

Some say that the problem is nothing more than money, but I am not so sure that money is the main problem.  It is such a great idea to have a medium of exchange by which to facilitate trade.  I think that the real problem and the source of this obfuscation lies with an inherent defect that exists in some people that makes them hunger after power, and those people’s ability to use money to acquire that power, because of how the laws are applied in such a way that it allows huge sums of money to be concentrated in the hands of a few who operated against others criminally in order to rise to and stay at the top.  This has given them the power of the concentrated wealth, which is really the problem.

Allowing a good system to degenerate to the point where a select few can have power over the money supply and use that to their specific advantage, while operating illegally to manipulate the political and legal systems that would put them in check is the real problem.  In fact, it has become a danger to national security, but the national security state is being used to maintain the perverted system as opposed to carrying out its legitimate functions.  Therefore, we have what we have now, massive bribery and paid propaganda, which creates a situation that is not likely to end well.

If the signal to noise ratio really were high, knowing the between reality and illusion wouldn’t be so difficult; but the sad fact is that the large amount of government funding going into propagandizing the population is really creating a caustic environment, which is why federal spending and cronyism should cease and government should get back to engaging in its legitimate functions, as opposed to using its might and its printable currency in an attempt to get everyone into the fold and on board with the totalitarianism that is being pushed.  If government were acting legitimately, totalitarianism wouldn’t be a problem, because bending the will of the people is not an enumerated power, nor is it necessary and proper.

Understanding reality may be the difference between a healthy functioning representative republic with legitimate democratic institutions and the particularly troubling brand of totalitarianism that we see in the United States today.

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