I, Human, The Original A.I.

In this fast paced world, which is being increasingly defined by predictive models and computer algorithms that have supposedly been put into place in order to make life safer and simpler, there is often talk about the concept of A.I. or artificial intelligence.

Clearly, some view it as a superior and god-like omniscience that will be able to connect the dots before the dots have even come into existence, to predict the future.  However, it really is a fake and artificial mind that is able to analyze complex sets of data and use decision trees to determine some course of action.  Why would this be necessary when each and every one of us has the original version of the mind at our disposal?


I am the original A.I., for I possess authentic intelligence that has been ordained by God.  Therefore, I reject this suicidal effort to know everything for the sake of personal convenience and to maintain current illusions of power, and I make a personal decision to pay tribute to what I was given, by using my mind to connect my own dots and make judgements about the courses of action that we can take and what kind of a future that might manifest as a result.  Doing so has led me to the conclusion that creating artificial intelligence is a fool’s game that flies in the face of that which endowed me with a mind and my natural and authentic intelligence.  I predict that if we continue on this path then the future will increasingly resemble Hell.


Some suggest that the human mind works very slow compared to an artificial intelligence, suffers from fatigue, and is known to make mistakes.  Therefore, some are prone to suggest that we should hand certain decision making over to an artificial mind.  A potential downside that these people see is the problems associated with human laziness, our predisposition to rely upon the solutions presented without bothering to double-check what is being presented and cross-check it with the human ethos.

Perhaps there is a reason for the built in delays in the human mind and the need for rest.  Maybe part of the reason that we humans are designed this way so that the ethereal realm can have some interplay with our decision making processes, so that the very problem associated with relying upon pure logic alone, which are associated with handing over decision making to an artificial mind won’t manifest itself in the current reality.  Is it possible that this technological drive we are witnessing has allowed for us to bypass this design feature in such a way to create the very problems in our present reality that this characteristic of ours was meant to prevent, and things are picking up an an alarming rate, to the point at which the human consciousness is having a hard time keeping up and is becoming overwhelmed?  How many of our current problems are the result of already handing decision making over to machines, or at the very least, our reliance upon them, to such a high degree.

Copyright 2014 by Baby Victor Productions.


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