Has the “Late Man” Become the “Straight Man”?

Has the “Late Man” Become the “Straight Man”?

One thing that I know is that your heart has to be in something in order for you to be successful at what you are doing. I am not sure that my heart is in communicating with others anymore, since everything that I have done to try to talk with people on the internet seems to get stymied by those who do not like what it is that I have to say about the world in which we are living.

Therefore, it is easy to understand the reason that I titled my blog “I Talk to the Web.” My blog title is really nothing more than a homage to the King Crimson song “I Talk to the Wind,” because my efforts and my feelings with respect to attempting to pour my heart into the work that I do in order to interpret the world and share what it is I see with people seems to mirror the sentiments that that song captures. Thus, you might say that I contain my very own “straight man” and my very own “late man,” which has allowed me to develop an understanding of the world that others happen to be arriving at rather late in the game.

Much of my understanding of the world was developed as a child, although since I was a child I have moved back and forth from between this dual nature within myself, from feeling, to thinking, and back again, while learning much and adding to my innate impression of reality.  Often, it seems as if I am talking to the wind, as I speak to the world sometimes as its “straight man” and other times as its “late man.”  Passing on the wisdom derived from this balance will ensure the success of our children and future generations.

Speaking of children, that really brings me to the message that I would like to impart to the world through my actions and my body of work. People should work to see the world through the eyes of a child. By tuning into how this world looks to those who are innocent and are staring at this mess that we have created in our rush to destroy our own innocence, I believe that we can see exactly where it is we are failing as humans, and develop a better understanding of what it is we can do to make this world safer for the best people among us to once again play, without the level of danger or fear that we have allowed those who rule us to create in their greed and lust for power.

The most despicable and evil people among us have made this world unfit for the best and most deserving people who are either children or have been successful in retaining their purest qualities. To me, this is a problem. Therefore, I will continue to speak as long as I can in this arena, because although I have been discouraged, threatened, lost much of what I value in life, and remain heartbroken at humanity’s current prospects, I still have heart, even though much has been done to destroy it and the love that I feel.

To conclude, I guess you can say that upon further reflection and in writing what it is I have written above, I have decided that my heart is still in this. Hopefully, in continuing to do what it is that I do when I interpret the world with my own childlike qualities and employ my gifts, talents, and training in continuing to communicate with others, I can be successful, and help dig myself out of this hole that others have helped dig for me, because of their hatred for how it is that I see the world and their desire to eliminate what it is that I have come to represent.  Maybe in doing so, I can help others in our society to do the same and increase those pure qualities that I admire and respect about people, so I won’t be so disappointed in what it is that I see taking place in the world.

Today, it is those who engage in a kind of cold, calculated thinking that places money and politics over that which feels, lives, and expresses which threatens the very core of our existence, causing me to lien more toward my internal “late man.”  Therefore, I guess my “late man” wins, despite the insurmountable odds and the internal struggle between my intellect and my heart.

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