Domestic Terrorist Label Used By Reid To Chill Speech

It has occurred to me that perhaps one of the reasons that the domestic terrorist monicker has been thrown into the mix with respect to recent events at Bundy Ranch is to silence people out of fear of being labeled as such for simply expressing their opinions concerning incidents in Nevada, land use in the western states, and the larger problem of federalized corruption from which we suffer as a nation.  You see, when you have a Senator who has been implicated in serious abuses of power, including utilizing federal agencies to do his dirty work for him, as he misappropriates law enforcement and judicial resources to secure land deals that help corrupted officials in his own party, then I think that you don’t really have the most disinterested party throwing that label out there.  In fact, the use of the label itself may be a form of domestic terrorism, because it appears to be designed to use intimidation to chill speech on matters that are of utmost political importance in such a way as to politically protect the very power of the people who these shady land deals are designed to benefit.
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